Search-as-a-Service company, Algolia, now integrates with Shopify

Search-as-a-Service company, Algolia, now integrates with Shopify

Algolia, the company with a focus on making search better, has just released Algolia for Shopify. With this, Algolia’s powerful, fast search platform will be available to Shopify owners to give their customers an amazing search experience. Shopify is just the latest implementation with Algolia, they join other CMS and ecommerce platforms including WordPress and Magento.


While it might seem that this kind of integration would be best left to experienced programmers, Algolia has made the process super easy and can be implemented in just a couple of steps. Simply download the plugin from the Shopify Marketplace, sign up for an Algolia account, pick the data center closest to you, and continue setting up the store as normal. There is also an optional front-end option for store themes that allows Algolia activation by coding it directly in the store.


With Algolia, your customers will be able to quickly and easily find anything they’re looking for. The integration automatically and quickly integrates the store’s entire product base allowing for quicker and more accurate search results. With Algolia, Shopify stores will have product and category autocompletion, meaning that customers will technically be able to access a store’s entire product base directly through search. It also makes use instant search that updates in real time with each additional keystroke. Using Algolia’s Tie-Breaking algorithm, users will always get the most relevant search results, while still allowing for typos thanks to Algoria’s built in typo tolerance.


Once Algolia is integrated into the Shopify store, there is no need to upgrade the search platform when new products are introduced to the store. Algolia uses automatic synchronization that will update the search whenever new products are added. In addition, for store owners who are looking for insight into user searches, there is a dashboard that homes valuable analytics for store owners that will give them insights into what, and how, customers are searching for.

Search doesn’t need to be complicated. With services like Algolia, search is no longer a burden or hindrance, but instead a valuable tool for both website owners and visitors. To find out more about Algolia for Shopify, make sure to check it out here.

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