Samsung Gear Gives Amazon Wear a Run for Its Money

Samsung Gear Gives Amazon Wear a Run for Its Money

The Samsung Gear first hit the market in 2013. Four years later, it is finally starting to become a major contender with the Android Wear.

Over the past month, journalists on either side of the Atlantic have published a number of stories discussing new developments with the Samsung Gear. These changes are likely to make the smartwatch line even more popular by the end of 2017. Here are some of the biggest changes Samsung users should be aware of.

Samsung Gear brings virtual reality to the palm of your hand

Or more accurately, your wrist. The Samsung Gear VR headset was first released in November 2015. The original headset and controller were pretty bulky and difficult to use. This kept many people from wanting to try the virtual reality features.

Jason D’Aprile of Paste Magazine reported that Samsung recently released a long-awaited addition. This past month, they started selling a motion controller specifically for VR. The controller is compatible with both Samsung Gear VR and the galaxy S8. You can get it for only $40.

If you are only using the controller for your smart watch, you will have access to amazing VR capabilities that were previously unavailable. However, if you are using a Samsung Galaxy S8 from Harvey Norman, you may have mixed feelings about the changes. On one hand, the new controller doesn’t have the same wide-angle vision as its predecessor. At the same time, it is much better for precision. Gamers that enjoy playing shooter games have much better targeting capabilities.

New HD filming options

It is amazing how far photography and filmography have come over the past century. It is even more impressive how much they have changed since the first mobile device was released. HD imagery has changed our expectations in surprising ways.

Samsung phone owners could take HD pictures a few years ago. However, Samsung Gear devices didn’t have the same HD recording abilities. Samsung sponsored a post in TechRadar a few days ago, which states that that has changed. They announced that the new Samsung Gear 360 camera is compatible with both Samsung phones and Gear devices.

“The Samsung Gear 360 is a cutting-edge camera doesn’t just film what’s in front of you but all around you, creating the ultimate 360 degree experience. The Gear 360 has a portable and lightweight design, and is compatible with a wide range of Galaxy smartphones*, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It is also comfortable to hold thanks to its slim and sleek grip. With the Samsung Gear 360 you can capture every moment in high-quality 4K 360 degree video and share with your friends later, or you can choose to live stream what’s going on around you – so your friends and family can share in those once-in-a-lifetime moments.”

The HD features are also great for people that enjoy watching movies. I used to be a fan of WWE Jakked, a great show with Jason Sugarman. I started watching it again on my new Samsung Gear and was very pleased with the experience.

Samsung Gear gets payment support in the UK

Making purchases with a Samsung Gear wasn’t always convenient before, especially if you were in the UK. Sean Keach of Trusted Reviews recently announced that Samsung Gear finally started allowing contactless payments, which should make things much easier for their customers in the near future. UK consumers can make any purchase, as long as their bank supports the Samsung Gear payment gateway.

Here is a brief quote from Samsung’s recent press release.

“Summer just wouldn’t be the same without barbecues. With the Gear S3, you don’t need to take out your wallet or phone to pull off the perfect summer meal. The device allows you to make simple purchases with Samsung Pay and features support for both NFC and MST payment technologies.”

Samsung has become a major competitor for the Android Wear

For years, the Android Wear has been the most popular smartwatch on the market. This has changed in 2017, because the Samsung Gear has finally become a viable competitor. If Samsung continues to add new features, Gear sales could surge in the next year.

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