LG G6: Key features and specifications

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Every android lover out there is waiting for LG G6, as it has plenty of new features and new modifications than its previous flagship version.

Here I am going to tell you the most advanced features of this phone, which is going to be launched in the upcoming months of 2017. It has more refined designed and innovative features than any other Android-enabled smartphone. It is simply a perfect fit for the social tech lovers as well as business professionals. LG G6 body is covered with the mix of glass and metal with two sheets of gorilla glass. As the next Flagship device of LG G series, smartphone users are expecting too much out of it.

LG G6 release date:

In Korea: March 10

In US: early April

Key features of LG G6

  • Water resistant metal and glass body
  • 18:9 longer display size
  • Front phone screen have slender bezels
  • 7 inch QHD + Display
  • Have 13 MP camera, with focused and wide sensors
  • Resolution of 1440 x 2880, pixel density of 564ppi
  • f/1.8 and f/2.4 aperture respectively
  • Battery size of 3300 mAH
  • Android Nougat operating system with UX6.0
  • Super speedy Wireless Charging
  • Google Assistant
  • Available in Black, White, Mystic Colors

Pump Your Battery Up to 50% in Just 30 Minutes

With all these specs, LG G6 have perfect chipset, which will surely enable their users to perfectly communicate with their loved ones. Super speedy wireless charging will help you to charge your smartphone without any hazard of wire anytime, anywhere. If you will purchase this phone, then via wireless charging you can easily pump your battery up to 50% in just 30 minutes. Wireless charging option will be only available for the smartphone users in US.

LG G6 Price

LG G6 will be available in market with the same price of LG G5. Its estimated cost will be around $500 to $600. In European market, it will be around €400 to €490.

Improved Design and Water Resistant Body          

One of the most significant change in LG G6, as compared to LG G5 is the lack of modular designs.  This will surely be a positive aspect. In the previous version, users does not like to have it, as they face software and hardware compatibility issues. It has a Sleek and classy body design, which will must be appreciated by the worldwide users. Its water resistant feature will surely make it more durable and long-lasting. Gorilla Glass metal body is another distinguish feature of this new upcoming smartphone, which will make it more attractive, sleek and sophisticated among its rivals.

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