Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are Indispensable To Every Business

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It is quite incredible that at this age and time, some business managers still don’t know the importance of a mobile app. They don’t believe they need the services of app developers. Before going into the details of benefits of mobile apps, it is better to make it clear that in a few years, there will be only two kinds of businessmen and women – Those that are making a killing with their mobile apps and those that are running out of business because they don’t have a mobile app.

The first and most important benefit of a mobile app is ease of communication between you and your customers. Customers can order products with convenience through your mobile app. With a few clicks of buttons, an order has been made. Your app will likely be kept open on their mobile device so they don’t need to sign in or fill any form. They just need to order all the needed products and check out.

You can also communicate with all your customers with convenience. For instance, you can send a single survey to all of them at once and they will all receive the survey instantly. If they intend to respond, they will respond within minutes.

You can also send marketing messages to all of them on a regular basis. This implies that when you have a new promotional offer or a new product, you can alert all of them at once.

If all the popular social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp) are integrated into your mobile app, your customers will be able to share your posts easily. To make them share your posts, you just need to include some humor in all your posts. They will laugh and share the posts with all their friends one after the other. The more they share your posts the more popular you become. This boosts the credibility or your brand and even reinforces it. That means more traffic, more sales and more profit for you. How do you feel about a brand when you keep seeing it all over the internet? That the brand is great… isn’t it? That is exactly how people will feel about your brand when the recipients of your posts keep sharing them.

Another major benefit of integrating social media into your mobile app is that it allows your customers to sign into their account with you through their social media account. This is faster and more convenient than having to enter their passwords that they may have forgotten.

Do you know why companies pay so much to have their products advertised on some physical billboards? It is because they want passers-by to keep seeing the adverts. Do you know that your mobile app does the same? When your app has been downloaded, its icon will be on the main menu of the users’ mobile devices. They get to see it each time they navigate through their device. It even has an advantage over billboards because people navigate through their phones much more times than people pass by a physical billboard.

You probably need your mobile app because your competitors already have theirs. They must have started taking some of your customers little by little. Why would any customer go to your website to order a product when he can easily order it at the same price through the mobile app of any of your competitors?

With analytics incorporated into your mobile app, you will be able to monitor the performance of your business and even that of your mobile app on a daily basis. The feature gives daily important statistics. Some of the daily reports given by analytics are given below.

A number of views on every product: This is the figure of all the number of times each of your products was viewed by prospective customers.

A number of orders on every product: This is the figure of the number of orders on each of your products. This is very important because the number should be increasing each day. When the number of orders on any product begins to drop, it is a sign that something is going wrong with that product. You need to investigate and take corrective measures as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the number drops to zero.

The total number of users of your app: This gives the number of people using your app on a daily basis. This number should also keep increasing. If you see a decline, it means there is a problem somewhere. Find it out and deal with it.

The total number of active users of your app: This gives you the total number of people using your app actively. You also need to monitor this figure daily. More people should keep using it. Once new users stop coming on board, it is a sign that there is a big trouble with your mobile app. You should try to fix it as soon as possible.

The average number of minutes users spend on your app: This gives you the average number of minutes each user spends on your app. You should also work on increasing the average time users spend on your app. The longer they stay on your app the more they are likely to purchase your products.

You should realize that without a mobile app, you won’t get all these vital information on a daily basis. The reports notify you of a problem. Not knowing there is a problem doubles the problem. Like they say, a problem identified is a problem half solved.

To make more users download and use your mobile app regularly there are a few qualities it must possess. First off, your app must be simple and easy to use. No user will take lectures on how to use any app when there are simpler alternatives. Your mobile app should be so easy that even a 10 year old can navigate his way through with little or no assistance.

There are some apps that drain battery power fast. This is a big turn off for users. Your app should be able to conserve energy. How will users stay long on your mobile app if it drains their battery? So, any reliable app should conserve battery power.

Your app should also be highly responsive. It should be fluid. It should flow along easily. Part of being responsive is having a very short loading time. The ideal loading time for any app is between 6 and 15 seconds. Apps that take about 16 to 20 seconds to load can still be managed but anything above 20 seconds is not acceptable. However, the RAM and CPU of your mobile device can be a major factor on the loading time of any app.

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