12 Reasons Why Your SEO Efforts Might Be Failing

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SEO (search Engine Optimization) is the fundamental element that every organization should adopt to outrank the competition and this is such an element you cannot ignore whether you are a multinational firm or a startup. You have a beautifully looking website with great images, animations, font etc and it is cool isn’t it? But wait, is that all a website should have to be called a perfectly healthy website? The answer obviously NO.

It is not only about having an amazing looking website but you need a healthy website. A website should follow Google webmaster guidelines and it should be Google-friendly.

The industry doesn’t matter, SEO is a must factor for every damn website out there on the planet earth”.

There are hundreds of businesses out there and hence hundreds of websites, what I want to stress here is, there is a hell lot of competition outside and everybody wants to gain organic traffic through SEO. Is it simple to gain organic traffic through SEO? Well, it depends on the experience level, tools you use, a proper decision making, keywords research etc

As we see, many articles only stress on some common factors about SEO. SEO as On page and Off page is a holistic approach to doing SEO but what matters most is the practical approach. Do you do SEO for a software development company the same way you did for an ECommerce company? Some facts differ.

You have a website and you need to do SEO, you have started applying SEO elements to your website but you are still failing. What might be the reason or reasons?

C, mon let’s list out some facts that you might be doing wrong and hence your SEO efforts are going in vain.

You don’t have a proper plan or a roadmap to do SEO for your website

SEO Growth Hacks

Without a proper plan, you will go nowhere and don’t see the results you want. You must at least need to know what you want to achieve with SEO. A proper goal to reach within a particular time period.

You don’t have a proper checklist of SEO elements you have to fix. Even if it’s there, you have it all wrong

SEO Growth Hacks

When you are determined to improve your SEO, next step is to prioritize the SEO elements. What you want to fix first and so on. Without this checklist, you do things randomly and unorganized things will cost you by taking a lot of time and effort.

You have made mistakes in selecting keywords for your brand

Selecting proper keywords is an art and should be done carefully. If you make mistakes here, then it is going to lead series of mistakes since this is the initial step of choosing keywords you want to rank for.

Wrong keywords selection leads to wrong keywords research and analysis

Like I said in my previous point, choosing wrong keywords leads to further failures on keywords research and analysis. You are going to make wrong decisions and fail miserably since you are not on a correct path, It is as simple as possible.

Since you know the quote, ‘Content is King’, you are producing hell lot of content to impress search engines but not humans

SEO Growth Hacks

Producing content is fine but overdoing it without analyzing will kill yourself. You are writing content with keywords that have low CTR. You are producing fresh content on your website with respect to SEO and you think you are doing a good job of SEO? You are wrong, you are producing rubbish content.

You are not giving attention to the search query report on your Google analytics.

You ignoring your own analytics is very crazy. Some people might not know about this but this is very useful. You can get this information from your Google analytics account here, Acquisition > Search Console > Queries. You must know that you need to connect your Google analytics with Google console to get this information.

This will help you know what people are searching and coming to your website.

Keywords are important but you are exceeding the density of keywords usage on your website

SEO Growth Hacks

You are using your strong keywords a lot of times on your website and this is like letting Google know that you are doing this purposely to rank for that particular keyword and what next? You will get penalized by Google. Know more about keyword density and usage here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyword_density

You are doing spammy link building activities and getting hammered badly by Google for black hat SEO

SEO Growth Hacks

Anything overdoing in SEO will bite you back and you will never achieve anything. If you start throwing out your links and spamming on other websites through your links, Google looks at you suspiciously and penalize you. If you want to do link building, then you should have a proper plan and a list of quality websites where you want your links to come from, and you want to link to, it applies for both inbound and outbound links. Poor linking will affect your domain strength and hence SEO.

You are not doing competitive analysis and benchmarking

When you don’t do competitive analysis & benchmarking, you won’t know where you stand and where you have to hit your competitors so they break and hence you are missing opportunities to rank for. Search your keywords on Google and see who is ranking on the first page and analyze their ranking pages/posts. See if you can write better than them and improve your SEO.

Blindfolded, you just waste your time and effort but results will be null.

You are not using social media channels properly

Some people don’t know that social media marketing and SEO almost go hand in hand. How? If more people share your content through social media channels, more authority and ranking signals pass on to you and it directly shows the engagement signal associated with your content and website, this gives hint to the Google saying, this content has been shared a lot and hence the likeability is more and enough for Google to show up on Google. Ignoring social media marketing is the worst thing anybody can do. Never ignore, social signals are very important for a website’s SEO.

Your SEO team has a poor SEO knowledge. Lazy to improve and learn new tactics

Along with new technological advancements, Google changes its ranking factors and no matter what, your business should be up to date with these new rules Google brings along. If your SEO team is lazy and is still using outdated tactics then sorry, your website is going to fail to show on search results for your desired keywords and you look outdated too.

Finally, you being impatient is the cause. You want results to show in the next week but SEO doesn’t work that way

SEO Growth Hacks

You are so impatient and want to get things done very quickly and this, in turn, hurts the quality of work. SEO results take time and hence if you are focused on it, doing it properly is the key. Patience is the key and more analyses are required to outrank your competition and practically show up on Google for your desired keywords.

Yes, there are several reasons why your SEO efforts are failing but these are some critical points you need to consider while doing SEO.

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