Personal Artificial Intelligence To Even Sing For You In Your Voice !

Oben AI Technology

The sky is the limit they said, well it’s time to push the sky then, cause it seems too low! Yes, with the pace at which the technologies are advancing, it is very much likely that almost everything that has till date been parts of the best sci-fi movies in the world would turn out to be the future of mankind!

One of the most striking researches is now made in the fields of artificial intelligence. Here, we would be discussing one such company, namely ObEN that has been substantial in converting artificial intelligence into a reality.

Virtual reality is a concept that is not yet popular among the masses. However, ObEN seems determined to make it one of the most common elements in our daily life. ObEN is a company, that talks about personal AI. Yes, while some part of the world is yet to understand the concept of artificial intelligence, ObEN seems to be personalizing it with this concept of personal AI.

The motive behind the company and the thought process behind the same is a simple sweet story. The founders of the company, Nikhil Jain and Adam Zheng wanted to leave out their virtual version in the family, while they were long gone in some vacations or tours. However, in the thrive of the same, they have been able to form a company, which seems to have a good future in the days to come.

If you are wondering about what exactly this technology can do for you, well, let us assure you that this company would help you get a personal all time companion. With the ObEN AI technology, one can have a 3D avatar of oneself and they can do this, with just a single selfie that they might click from their own mobile handset.

You can also give a small voice recording to the avatar, which would help make it a VR, AR & IoT experience. What would amaze you is just the fact that the avatar will also have various facial reactions at times, this could be really fascinating.

If you are wondering that how this AI might help you, then let us point this out that the AI Technology would help to start a conversation, or help you in singing and also to help engage in social activities.

The AI Technology constantly keeps learning every time that any application of the company is opened. This, in turn, helps the AI to become sharper.

The company which has started only a couple of years back have gained a lot of popularity and has featured in some of the most reputed websites and newspapers. They are now a common name and one would find many discussing the artificial intelligence, thanks to the great work by the people of the company.

While this might seem to be a need for the future, this surely is something that you would love to have for yourself too. This has a lot of impact on the researches related to this field.

Even more important that the research fields is that the company has been able to make artificial intelligence important for many people across the globe.

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