How one start-up is using sound technology to combat depression

Sound technology helping combat depression

Reported to affect one in every ten American people, depression is a potentially-fatal mental health condition that has America in the grip of an epidemic. It’s taking over more lives than we probably realise, but while there is reason to worry, there’s also some hope on the horizon. A start-up is promoting a natural way to combat many dysfunctional feelings and poor mental performance without using chemicals, therapy or medication.

Revolutioner is doing exactly what its name might imply; revolutionising the way technology is improving our mental health. It is providing a natural way to alleviate their most debilitating symptoms, as well as encouraging the body to produce hormones to help maintain mental balance.

The treatment itself is straightforward; just listen to a short recording every day. The aim is simple; to correct the balance between our left and right brain hemispheres.

The sound technology created by Revolutioner promotes a chemical release in the brain that reduces negative, while the Alpha brainwaves boost your overall mood.

Serotonin release

The technology works by stimulating brain waves; tiny impulses in the brain that our neurons use to communicate messages throughout the body. These can control a wide range of areas, from mood to food digestion to critical thinking. Since our systems all interact with one another, balanced brain waves can help with all aspects of life.

The frequency of these brain waves is what influences our overall mood, and Revolutioner have discovered the fact that Alpha waves with a frequency of 8Hz to 12Hz are closely linked to the feeling of relaxation.

The correct balance of Alpha brain waves has also been shown to release serotonin, the main hormone that regulates your mood.

According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina, 10Hz brain waves have also been proven to increase creativity by as much as 7.4% in healthy adults.

Creativity researcher Dr. Shelley Carson says, “Increases in positive mood broaden attention and allow us to see more possible solutions to creative problems.”

Revolutioner has enabled anyone to be exposed to these brain waves without harmful side effects, allowing us to experience the positive benefits and alleviate many dysfunctional symptoms that are felt by millions worldwide.

The company has created several natural sound recordings which include alpha brain waves. While the waves can’t be detected by our ears, our brain is able to pick them up and use them to transform our mood, improve sleep, concentration and handle difficult situations better.

Non-invasive alternative to deep-brain stimulation

Scientists have been attempting to find a non-invasive alternative to deep-brain stimulation (DBS); a clinical procedure in which a neurostimulator is placed into the body to send electrical impulses to the brain.

While deep brain stimulation is most commonly used to treat patients suffering from neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, trials have been underway to use the procedure to ease cases of major depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

However, the DBS procedure is extremely invasive and patients can suffer from a range of side effects.

Revolutionary brainwave entrainment

Referred to as Brainwave Entrainment’, the frequencies included in the soundtrack created by Revolutioner release Alpha brain waves that improve both brain functioning and your overall mood.

The procedure works by simply inserting traditional earphones into the ear and allowing yourself time to listen to the recording. There’s no pain at all, and no need to spend thousands of dollars on iffy medications.

Since it takes a few days to balance the alpha waves at the proper level in both hemispheres of your brain, the results of these recordings won’t become apparent right away. But once the balance is achieves, the results are noticeable. In addition, regular exposure to the waves encourages better results as your brain wave levels are constantly optimized.

There’s no doubt that this cutting-edge sound technology is an excellent option for those looking to alleviate dysfunctional feelings, and Revolutioner is providing a fantastic way to get started.

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