How One Company Is Giving Brands and Consumers More Freedom

How One Company Is Giving Brands and Consumers More Freedom

With so many coupons and special discounts out there for just about anything on your shopping list, paying the full price makes us feel like suckers. Yet, finding a good deal for the product or service you want is not as easy as advertisers would have us believe.

A good haircut, for example, is quite expensive. So many jump at a chance to get a stylish cut at a great (aka, deeply discounted, promotional) price. Although there are many ways to do this, people generally turn to Groupon, Yelp, or good ol’ Google, to find a deal.

With the deal secured, the person is happy. And rightfully so – saving money feels good. Unfortunately, this happiness is short lived, turning into frustration and anger once your “great deal” turns into a hairstyle disaster.

Why? Maybe the hair salon is overcrowded with hundreds of customers jumping on the special discount offer all at once – so the stylist doesn’t take the proper time and care. Or perhaps the reason the salon is offering a discount is because they’re not that good at creating stylish haircuts in the first place. In either case, the result is the same for you: Whatever money you save only costs you the time, money, and embarrassment of having to get another haircut to fix the failed “discount” one. Not a good deal at all.

It’s not much better on the business side either. Current coupon-based websites aren’t very good for small businesses. Discount sites often offer multiple deals within the same area, which ultimately puts large amounts of pressure on local merchants to compete with both each other and corporate competitors, negatively impacting their bottom line and causing more frustration for the already-struggling business owner.

There’s a Better Way

A new generation of discount-offering services is stepping into the spotlight, led by Wolfie, which marries the best features of Google and Groupon in a way that helps both consumers and small, local businesses.

While Wolfie is in many ways similar to sites like Groupon and Yelp, it’s changing the game in a big way for a number of reasons. Most obviously, Wolfie helps both consumers and businesses.

Imagine this common example: You are on a work or business trip and you get a sudden craving for a croissant. Around your home or office, you know where to find the best croissants. But you’re in a new city, so where do you even start the search?

If you turn to Google, you’ll first have to sort through sponsored results. Twenty minutes of scrolling later, you’re no closer to that great croissant and are frustrated with the experience.

Yelp and Groupon promise a better search experience – but do they deliver on that promise? With Yelp, you’ll still see sponsored results first and most prominently featured. And Groupon could send you to a crappy bakery that’s on Groupon precisely because their patisseries aren’t of full-price quality.

Now try that same search on Wolfie. You will not see half the page taken up by sponsored results. You will not see bad businesses trying to get customers in any way they can.

Instead, you will see the best local businesses showing you what they have to offer. And here’s the “catch” – they can’t bombard you with offers until you specifically ask for one. This puts you in control. And that’s what makes Wolfie so revolutionary.

As soon as you submit your search, local businesses will receive a notification that you’re in their area and looking for a delicious snack. Then, in real-time, they’ll send you a quick offer. Just the businesses you’re interested in, competing for your patronage. How cool is that?

Once you review the offers sent by local bakeries and choose the one that fits your craving the best, just  head over to retrieve your delicious croissant. Everybody wins: You successfully found a yummy pastry and the owner controlled the offer (and made a sale).

With Groupon, that same merchant might lose money if, for example, their shop gets overcrowded with discount shoppers, which causes them to sell out of pastries and have to deal with angry customers. With Wolfie, it’s a 1-on-1 transaction every time, with both sides fully in control.

Though you may not be always looking to get a deal in real time, the progression of real time deals is exciting to both businesses and consumers. This trend towards focusing on demand enables all stakeholders to win and there’s no shame in getting a good deal!

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