How On Demand Food Delivery Apps are Helping Restaurants

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Each and every industry has been swept through the mobile revolution. Right from healthcare, entertainment, retail to ecommerce, industries are now going mobile. Now mobile app revolution is redefining the way we order groceries, food as well as perishable food items. The main benefit for startups and businesses of on-demand food delivery app is that customer does not have to approach a restaurant or speak to a customer service executive to place an order. The on demand delivery app development help to place order in a matter of few taps in the smart phone.

Here is why on demand food ordering apps are growing? 

Is On Demand food Delivery App Convenient?

Thanks to the smartphones and tablets, more people order online. Whether stuck in traffic, working late in office or organizing a party at home, anyone can place an order quickly, as compared to waiting until getting home or starting to call.

Eliminates hassles and frustrations

Very often placing an order on phone results in misunderstandings and hassles due to noise or accent problems.  Misunderstanding could arise due to the noise in the restaurant or in phone line. This entire process could be very frustrating for a customer. With ordering mobile app, it requires few taps and placing information directly by the customer. This leaves no room for error or misunderstandings.

Real time location tracking

Today’s savvy users need information throughout the order delivery process right from placing an order to finding status of order. It is important to ensure that your mobile application provides the option to track the status of order such as when the order went to kitchen, got prepared, dispatched, and estimated delivery time left. With these features, you will keep the users engaged and gain their trust.

Social media friendly

The functionality of social media sharing in a mobile application development opens new avenues for startups and businesses.  If you make your app a social media friendly, there are chances of success. After all social media provides the opportunity to interact easily and makes sharing effortless.  

Here are features of On Demand Food Delivery App

Customer Side:

  • Register: Registration of customer as well as cards directly from the app for the auto payment feature.
  • Order food: Order food from nearby restaurant listed on the app.
  • Pick-up and Drop Location: Select pick up and drop location of order from within the app.
  • Delivery Charge: Delivery charge is shown while booking the Delivery guy and final payment done when delivery has been done, tips can be added.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Sender can track status of order package.
  • History: Ability to track previous history of deliveries made using the app.
  • Review & Ratings: Option to rate or review restaurant and quality of food.  

Restaurant/Store Owner:

  • Web Admin: View incoming orders and details of assigned Delivery guy.
  • Order Placement based on Confirmation: Order only placed after Delivery guy has confirmed delivery.
  • Notifications: Notifications to the assigned Delivery guy and customer when order is accepted and ready for delivery.
  • Edit Menu: Edit/Add items on menu and update regularly accordingly.
  • Payments: Direct payment when customer gets order and Invoice sent as a message and e-mailed to customer.
  • Rating: Customers can rate business according to their satisfaction.

Delivery or Logistics:

  • Register: Direct registration from the mobile application.
  • Booking: Approve / disapprove new booking requests
  • Distance:  Distance from current location to delivery point.
  • Status: Updating status of order placed
    a. Accepted / Rejected the booking.
    b. Picked up Order.
    c. Delivered the Order.
  • Booking History: Track the booking history

If you are looking to develop a food ordering app for a new startup or expand your existing business, get in touch with top mobile application development company to transform your idea into reality.   

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