NoHold implements new approach to get virtual assistants up and running in a week

NoHold implements new approach to get virtual assistants up and running in a week

Implementing a virtual assistant takes time, a lot of time. With all documents and information loaded in, the process typically takes about 6 weeks, if not more. Virtual assistant company, noHold, is changing that. With their new process, a virtual assistant can be implemented in an enterprise solution in about a week’s time.


How are they able to do this so quickly? By implementing an agile deep learning approach. Essentially, what this means is that instead of spending weeks on top of weeks getting your AI ready will huge amounts of information and data, noHold is using artificial intelligence that allows the virtual assistant to learn on the go. It will be loaded up with basic information, etiquette, and escalation.

This “bare bones” version of the VA will be strategically placed on the website to basically prompt users to ask it questions. Then it starts learning. This early version will also make sure to offer human escalation, helping ensure the visitors get their questions answered, whether it is from the VA or a real person. This part is considered phase 1. During phase 1, metrics are collected so that the virtual assistant can continue to learn. As more questions are posed, the VA can start intelligently escalating user questions, instead of just generically doing that. It will also be able to identify the top 10 questions people ask.


While this learning is going on, the virtual assistant can continue to get information and data added to its processes, making it more natural and helpful. This method of agile deep learning has two main benefits. For one, obviously, it lets companies hit the ground running. Not waiting for the VA to be taught and filled with large amount of integrations and information lets businesses get started right away with a virtual assistant. The other advantage is that what the AI and virtual assistant are learning is always relevant. Real customers will be asking it questions, instead of being loaded with generic information

To end with a quote, Diego Ventura of noHold sums up the agile deep learning approach very well, “The Agile Deployment Approach paradigm is very similar to the one we experience every time we hire someone new. We hire someone intelligent, well mannered, and who can contribute to the team, but at the start, they are not entirely knowledgeable about the business yet. Same concept holds true when implementing a Virtual Assistan, you start with a fully capable Virtual Assistant, and with time and experience, it continues to grow and improve.”

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This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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