Navigating the Crossroads: Driving Tips to Avoid Accidents

Navigating the Crossroads: Driving Tips to Avoid Accidents

Figures show that vehicular accidents account to a million of deaths a year in the whole world. Road crashes are one of the principal cause of death, accounting for 2.2% of fatality rate globally. In a busy and fast moving world, awareness of these statistics leads us to understand that we should navigate the roads safely.

Being in an open street gives us a possibility of being endangered. Being vigilant of the surroundings could aid us in saving our lives and that of others. Cliché it as may be, but prevention is still better than cure. Read further to be guided as we present driving tips to avoid the dreaded road accidents.

Eyes Forward

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You cannot serve two masters at the same time especially when you are traversing a busy highway. Avoid destructions of lives and properties by avoiding distractions at all cost. Eyes should always be fixed on the road and not elsewhere. Doing stuff like fixing your makeup, setting your uniform is better done at home and not on the roads. When you hold the steering wheel, your eyes should be ready and should be alert to what’s happening around. Shifting your view sporadically to check your rear-view and side-view mirrors will help too.

Cellular Phone is a No-no

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As cited in number one, avoid distractions. Mobile phones are certainly the best way to distract a driver. Connecting the call via Bluetooth is not advisable as well, as it divides your attention while driving. If it is an urgent call, the best solution will be to pull off around a safe corner before answering it. Put your phone in silent mode if you are not expecting an important call or text. This way you will not be tempted to entertain your phone.

Don’t be Influenced by Alcohol

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Drunk driving is a risky act. It is like an invitation to danger or worse death. Don’t ever try to cheat if you are caught drunk driving because police officers can still detect it. Once caught, even if it’s a DWI first offense, you should brace yourself for a major headache.

Traffic accidents in Corpus Christi especially caused by drunk driving is quite tough. When you are proven to be driving while intoxicated (DWI), the judgment is principally grounded on what charge the perpetrator is facing: it could range from jail time, suspension of license, huge fines, participating classes for alcohol awareness, etc. A major headache, right? Be wise. Don’t drink and drive.

Heed Speed Limits
Assigned speed limits have reasons. That place could be a school zone or an accident-prone area, so follow speed limits at all time. You need to care for the welfare of the pedestrians and other drivers around as well. Strictly following speed limits saves lives.

Be on the Lookout for Street Signs
Red. Green. Yellow. Every driver should not just know what it means, and they should act appropriately as well. There are tons of street signage on every highway and following them will not hurt. On the contrary, they will prevent you from hurting anyone. Value integrity by doing the right thing even if police officers are not around. So, always be on a lookout for street signs not for police officers.

A lot of people get injured or worse, die on the road every day. Do not add more on those figures by being hard headed. Follow all the rules and do not engage in any road rage. By doing such, you are not just preserving your life but that of others as well. Be careful and enjoy driving.


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