Why Mobile Technology Is A Blessing To Human Beings

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology remains one of the biggest blessings to mankind. Although it emerged a couple of decades ago, its application keeps increasing every day. Right now, it has not even been fully exploited despite all its numerous applications that will be outlined below.


Starting from security, mobile technology has provided the platform on which several beneficial initiatives have been established. Most of these applications work with mobile apps. So, app development is an important part of mobile technology.

Mobile app developers have developed many apps that work with different alarm systems. These alarm systems watch over your properties wherever they are. Once the alarm sensor captures any human movement or any kind of intrusion, it sends an alert to you via the mobile app that has been installed on your phone.

The alert is always timely to enable you to take necessary actions as quickly as possible. Some security systems just send text alerts while some will send pictures of the intruder/intrusion. Some more sophisticated systems even include short videos. You can then alert cops or other security agencies as quickly as possible.

GPS technology has been combined with mobile technology to create tracking devices. It is used to track the location of your vehicles. With the device, you can track the location of your vehicle at any time. You can also use the tracking device to set restrictions. You can bar the vehicle from reaching certain locations. When your vehicle is being driven towards the restricted areas, it will just shut down and send you an alert. This tracking device is very useful for companies that make use of a fleet of vehicles like car rental companies and logistic companies.

With mobile some devices, cops can now run your security number or car plate number on their system and find out every information about you by the side of the road. This makes background security check very convenient, easy and fast. They don’t need to take you to their office to do any check. Needless to say, this application has helped to curb crime drastically all over the United States.

Online Forex Trading

App developers have now developed several mobile trading platforms for Forex brokers. Traders can now trade on the go from any location on their mobile devices. This is a giant stride. Traders no longer need to stay glued to their laptop for hours. They can now go out and still trade since it can be done on their device. Depending on the amount of money staked in a trade, a delay of just 1 minute can lead to a loss of several thousands of dollars.

Online Casino

There are several casino games on the net right now and virtually all of them have their mobile apps through which players can play their games from any location as long as their mobile devices have internet connection. This would not have been possible without mobile technology. However, this application of mobile technology has a little drawback. Not all online casinos are being operated by honest people. Some of the casinos have been created to rob players of their funds. This is why you need to be very careful in your choice of online slot.

Mobile Banking

Some bank transactions can now be done on your mobile device without heading to any bank. You can now check your account balance, verify deposits, transfer funds and pay your utility bills all on your mobile device at any time of the day. This application of mobile technology creates a win-win situation for banks and their customers. Banks make money from some of those services and they also decongest their hall with them. Customers enjoy unlimited convenience by carrying out the transactions from the comfort of their homes.

News Update

With mobile technology, news are now broken faster. All media houses now have online presence and they update their news every hour. All you need to do is to either subscribe to different kinds of news from different media outfits or even download their mobile apps. You will be receiving all kinds of news every minute. Once any news is broken, in less than 30 minutes it will circulate all over the United States. This application comes with another disadvantage. The sales of physical newspapers have dropped drastically and it is dropping further. Apart from the fact that news are read for free on the net, most of the days’ headlines, would have been released online the previous night.

Sales of Content

Mobile technology has led to a pretty new business that was not available before. Content sales are now thriving business. People can now buy and download applications, music tracks, books, videos, wallpapers, ringtones and other useful kinds of stuff on the net. Once you pay for any of the content, you receive an access to download the particular content. Last year, content sales generated several millions of dollars in the United States.

Television Application

There are television apps through which you can watch your favorite television programs on your mobile device. Gone are the days when you miss your favorite television shows just because you did not get home on time. Now, you can watch it on your mobile device wherever you are as long as you have the television application installed on your device.


With mobile technology, you can now carry out all your office tasks right from your mobile device. This implies that you can sit at home and carry out your official duties. In fact, a lot of companies have now adopted telecommuting because it saves them a lot of money.

The biggest advantage that telecommuting has to employers is the fact that no office is required. They do not have to rent any office apartment. Since there is no office, there is no need for the purchase and installation of office furniture and fittings. There is no need to hire security officials and there is no need to hire janitors. It is just that an office is required for credibility. So, a small office that may be run by just 3 to 4 people will be used.

Even employees have their fair share of telecommuting advantages. They don’t have to stay glued to their laptop from 9am to 5pm everyday. They can now work at home within flexible hours. Not going to work everyday saves them a lot of train or bus fares or even car fuel.

Working at home gives them time for their kids. So, there will not be any need for any daycare facility. This also saves them a lot of money. Having more time with your family will definitely strengthen the bond between and your kids and spouse. That cannot be quantified in monetary terms. Since you don’t go to work everyday, you may not need to spend money of office clothes and shoes.

In conclusion, these are some of the major advantages of mobile technology, there are still much more and more are still emerging. In fact, mobile technology is still very far from its full potentials.

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