Mobile Applications And The Senior Citizen

Mobile Application

Mobile applications are created by the young, and usually for the young or not so old. The ease of use of mobile applications is dependent on the user’s familiarity with them and with similar applications and mobile devices. It’s undoubtedly difficult for the pre-mobile era generations to navigate through today’s app-oriented world of mobile devices, at least not without simple, ongoing tutorials from a patient younger person.

To improve the ease of use of mobile applications for aged people; here are some features that the application should possess;

1. Customer Friendly Interface

Having an application with a complex interface is an instant turn-off for anyone who is not tech-savvy. Even young people are turned off by complex, time-consuming interfaces and would rather go for the applications which are easier to use. In designing an application for aged people, keep in mind that it must be as easy to use as possible without compromising functionality.

2. Easy Navigation

Mobile application design for seniors should be easy to navigate. Prints must be easy in the eyes, taking into consideration the fact that most older people do not have good eyesight. Color contrasts are also significant.

3. Non-technical Instructions

When you are the designing mobile apps for Androids and iPhone with older people in view, always make sure that the instructions are easy to understand and follow. All technicalities should be explained in simple language for the ease of people who aren’t familiar with the tech words.

4. Video or Picture Tutorials

The presence of a pictorial or a step by step video tutorial would greatly improve the usability of mobile applications for seniors.

These are a few things that should be considered by the mobile application developers when developing Senior-friendly applications.

Certain applications have proven to be senior-friendly and beneficial for the aged. Some of such applications include:

1. Easy Facebook for Seniors

It is a less cluttered version of the Facebook app. It’s easier for older people to navigate and understand without long tutorials and explanations. Seniors will be able to keep in touch with friends and family.

2. Lumosity

This mobile application has been proven to keep minds healthy and mitigate dementia in older folks. It also mitigates the risk of Alzheimer’s. This application is a challenging collection of brain gains that is enjoyed by any puzzle-lover.

3. Medical Application Functions

These sort of applications provide highly informative articles which are provided by physicians that are specialists in different fields. The application answers health questions and can give updates on the current environmental impact on health conditions.

4. A Car Park Reminder

An application like this helps the elderly in locating parked cars. Even for young people, finding a car in a public lot could be stressful. This application not only reminds you of your parking spot but also keeps tabs on parking meter time.

5. Fall Detectors

This application is perfect for seniors and any accident prone persons. It notifies a pre-configured contact in the event of the phone being dropped and not getting picked up soon.

6. A Music Application

A music application with access to several genres is perfect for seniors. It should have customizable stations to make music enjoyable.

7. A Medication Reminder

This is a reminder application specifically for medications. It reminds an individual to take their medication at pre-set times during the day. Mobile app developers should use customized color codes for keeping tabs on particular pills.

These are just a few of the applications that are most suitable for seniors. All applications must be designed to meet specific needs of older people. iPhone app development and Android app development companies should make efforts to create senior-friendly mobile applications.

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