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Mobile technology has done us well almost in all spheres of life. Today everyone who owns a mobile device with camera is a potential photographer. This is also the possibility of taking photos that could match those taken by cameras using mobile photo editing apps. However, there used to be a time in the past when the idea of editing photos on mobile devices was just a mirage and considered somewhat of a folly. Then this idea was compare to the possibility of producing watercolor paintings on a sponge.

Today, these are all history especially because mobile technology has revolutionized the screens of mobile devices, making them sharper with touch control that is even more precise than ever. This revolution has pushed millions of mobile app developers, top app development companies and independent app developers to design several photo-editing apps that have made mobile photography a thing of fun. These photo-editing apps are such that they have made available in mobile devices the various once expensive photo-editing apps. More so, there are so many of these downloadable apps that actually cost nothing other than merely downloading them into our mobile devices. This is the extent of revolution that mobile technology arrived at in the pursuit to making our world better, more reliable with ease of access to applications that in the past cost several hundred or even millions to purchase and own.

These mobile photo editing apps have been designed by app developers to either be stand-alone, that is can be used directly on mobile devices or work in unification with the desktop versions of such app. Although initially, there were well-established photo-editing apps, presently, app developers are constantly releasing several numbers of apps that can be best be described as well-established with high-quality photo editing prowess. It is worthy to note that, the availability of these mobile photo-editing apps has actually made most of us to no use our mobile devices as our main camera because there are readily available apps that can help us create good photos. These apps are rampantly handy now because we are in the era of selfies, Facebook; Instagram etc. were many photo lovers only post lovely and beautiful pictures.

In this post, we will look at some of these mobile photos editing apps such as Adobe, Aviary, AirBrush, Cupslice photo editor, Fotor photo editor, PhotoDirector, Photo Editor Pro, Photo Effect Pro, Photo Lab, Photo Mate R3, PicsArt Photo Editor, Pixlr, SKRWT, Snapseed, Afterlight, VSCO Cam, Camera+, Mextures, Live Collage. Others are Camera MX, Lensical, PixelWakker, PicLab HD, Photochop, Sktchy, Handy Photo, Pat On, Foodie, Facetune, GelÓ, Visage Makeup Editor, Retomatic, Prisma, Clone Camera Pro, Google Photoscan, Lifecake, Qwik etc. these are some of the mobile photo editing apps that have helped to revolutionize the world of mobile photography and editing.

The Adobe photo-editing app is one of the best free with optional subscription mobile photo-editing apps available. In this app, users are allowed the privilege to remove red eyes and improve the quality of the picture been edited. Adobe offers two apps that will live lovers of photo editing in awe; they are the Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Express.

The SKWRT photo-editing app helps users to correct the perspective of any photo uploaded by a user of the app. This the app does at the users’ discretion. This app has various functions that help users to correct their photos easily.

The Facetune apps help transform selfies and other images uploaded by its users into images that could be said to be more beautiful than the original photo. This app offers several types of filters that its users can use to improve the quality and nature of their photos using special effects.

The Photolab Pro photo-editing app is an app that has a wide variety of functions that its users can make use of in beautifying their photos. This app can help create various montages giving edited photos a whole level of the new look. It has both free and subscription version.

The Aviary photo-editing app is a popular mobile app with a set of good features and high level of reliability. Its developers offer a free and $9.99 subscription version. It has inbuilt features such as stickers, cosmetic tools, blemish remover, filters, and teeth whitener etc.

The AirBrush photo-editing app is a very nice app designed for all lovers of selfies who would want to edit their selfies quickly before posting them on social media. It developers offer a free version and a $0.99 subscription version. It has a pro version and this app is generally easy to use.

The Prisma as a photo-editing app is far better than any photo-editing app that uses filters. It uses style of renowned artists like Picasso, Munch etc. to transform photos of its users into a masterpiece. It has been designed to offer its users a technique called style transfer, which can be used to edit photos.

The Cupslice Photo Editor app is a photo-editing app that depends hugely on the use of such things as filters in order for it to produce a good photo-editing experience for its users. This app offers a lot of up-to-date stickers with customizable filters. It has several basic photo-editing tools and it is not a complex app.

The Google Photoscan is a free photo-editing app that helps users to edit photos. This app offers its users the opportunity to produced scanned copies of their pictures within seconds using their phone. These scanned pictures are clean and without any form of shadow.

The PicLab HD app is a subscription photo-editing mobile app that helps users to produce inspiring images like the one seen daily on the internet. It offers its users the opportunity to produce photos with application of at least one or more retro filters. It makes edited pictures to totally look and appear like doddles, as such permitting users to upload pictures from their photo library or snap a new photo. It has lots of topography, fonts, and other editing options.

The Pixlr app is a very powerful mobile phone-editing app. It offers its users one of the best there is touch enhance tools for mobile apps. It has lots of photo editing features and options. It is not free and therefore users must subscribe in order to use this app.

The Snapseed mobile photo-editing app is a free and unique mobile app that offers supports for raw photos of its users that can be tuned to suit users’ taste with numerous types of sliders and one-touch enhance tools. It offers other photo-editing features and options.

The PicsArt Photo Editor is a mobile photo-editing app that has been in existence for a long period with over 250 million worth of downloads from the world over. It has both a free and subscription version. It is an up to date editing app that offers so many editing features such as collages, filters, light editing etc. It offers its users the opportunity to generate animated gif and the ability to also draw on users pictures.

The Photo Lab is a mobile photo-editing app that is not well known but it has a lot to offer in terms of mobile photo editing. It offers its users the opportunity to use frames, about 640 filters and many effects to beautify pictures. Montages, lightly edited pictures and much more can be created using this app. It has both a free and subscription version.

There are numerous mobile photo-editing app available for download either from the internet using the approved stores that were not been mentioned on this post. These apps and much more are changing the face of mobile photography such that one can get a beautifully edited picture without going to a photo lab, all thanks to mobile technology and the various mobile apps developers, top app development companies, app development companies etc.

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