Do you have a Marketing Plan to Increase the Reach of your Mobile App this Festive Season?

Do you have a Marketing Plan to Increase the Reach of your Mobile App this Festive Season

Mobile apps have a great chance to grow this festival season. Ask your marketing expert to analyze market trends during festivals and accordingly build new strategy.

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Are you looking for a chance to launch your mobile app to market? What can be better than Christmas? This worldwide festival marks for the best season of the year to launch or boost sales. Do not let this festive benefit go away from your hands.

Why to Use Festivals to your Business Advantage

You would have heard of corporate companies giving out festive offers to their existing and prospective clients. What is the marketing strategy behind this move? Wishing clients on festivals, offers are a great way to express your gratitude towards them.

The ones on the receiving end approach this as a loyalty benefit, thereby attaching them emotionally to the company. Thus festivals are good occasions to connect with new clients and strengthen connections with existing ones.

How to Make the Most of these Festivals?

The answer to this question involves learning, which can be best explained by citing a relevant example of how startups or SMEs benefit from the coming festive season. Suppose an entrepreneur groomed an app idea of the much trending concept by taking help of reputed mobile app development company.

Now there are two cases possible:

  1. The app is already launched since long and has decent number of users.
  2. The app is developed but not yet deployed to the App Store.

In the first case, your focus should be more on increasing customer retention rate rather than user acquisition. This can be achieved by giving out some exclusive paid features of the app for free to existing customers. This makes them feel special on festival occasion, at the same time enables them to explore high-end features of your app.

Upon exploration, some of the existing free users go ahead to buy paid premium app to enjoy it at the fullest. Thus, this strategy can be thought of as a way to convert free users to paid ones with smart tactics.

Let’s consider the second case where mobile app is fully developed and is to be deployed in the App Store. Have you heard of movies being launched on festive occasions? The motive behind this is clear: to earn extra money from the festivity mood clouded around.

In the similar fashion, it is wise to wait few days for launch if big worldwide festival is approaching.  This helps in marketing the app and reaching out to public more effectively, with increased chances if your app being accepted by target audience.

Lastly, on a Concluding Note

Festivals are the peak season to launch new apps or products to the market. There are increased chances of your product being accepted by the public, with maximum exposure to your brand coming as an added bonus. Make the most of this Christmas, happy holidays!

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