Men vs. Boys: How Do Real Men Take Care Of Their Car

Men vs. Boys: How Do Real Men Take Care Of Their Car

Taking care of automobiles is something that is easier said than done. If things have always been easier just as publicized in any form of medium, maintaining vehicles is not a tough job after all. But always remember that what is in the public social platform are not that much accurate.

More so, knowing how to take care of your car is one thing to distinguish a real man from a lousy one. By definition these two are of the same genders. However, a boy is not worthy enough to be in comparison with a man. A man is the one responsible for his tasks with good morals and principles in prospecting his life.

A boy, on the other hand, is someone who does not quite know how to deal with his qualms the proper way. These boys are mostly the kids who get involved in drunk driving accidents and reckless driving events. In short, boys are irresponsible people who do not solely drive around the cities but are also the ones with the most unmaintained cars.

To differentiate a man from a boy, here are some few car maintaining points to ponder from which they would undoubtedly differ in reacting. You must read this article to also evaluate yourself of being a man or being a boy in an aged body.


Cleaning The Inside And Outside of The Car

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If you think that cleaning a car is an easy task, think again. Cars are complicated pieces of machinery that need delicate measures in cleaning. You would not want to get either the ignition system or the air intake wet while on the duty of cleaning. How men and boys respond to cleaning cars are two different reactions.


  • Men’s Way


Men in this scenario clean the vehicle not only on the outside but also on the inside. They know well that they should use vacuum cleaners to suck the dust from the inside couches and replace the car air freshener as frequent as they clean the car. Washing the car is also a regular schedule twice a month or at least once.

Men also know that even not always because of busy schedules, they should check and clean their cars with their own hands and sight.


  • Boys’ Play


Boys, on the contrary, most probably allow their money to do the talking regarding cleaning their cars. As a result, this kind of people rarely know in-depth details about their vehicle and always runs to an auto mechanic in Houston. They rely on car wash shops too much that on days without money, their cars are as good as junks.

Boys, in short, don’t know how to clean their cars and are always asking for other people’s help like a baby.

Changing the Oils

People may say that changing the oils is an easy job to do and that anyone can do it. It is undeniably true that it is one of the essential responsibilities of a driver. However, even a man and a boy differ from the attitude of changing the oils. Mobile Mechanics in Houston, in particular, found out that most middle-income millennials who own cars are more careless when it comes to oil changes and repairs as opposed to those who have cars aged 40 and above.


  • Men’s Way


Real men are reluctant when it comes to changing oils. They know that changing the oil for every 5,000 to 7,000 miles is an essential thing to remember. They would also make sure that they only use reliable brands for the oils of the car. Experts and men both agree that regularly changing oils is a good thing to do to keep further damage from happening.

More so, real men know when are they up for the task or not. In short, they know their capabilities’ limits. Assuring efficiency, men will opt to go to a Houston auto mechanic in changing oils. It’ll be easier in the hands of a professional of course.


  • Boys’ Play


As for the boys, they do not care much about this oil changing and probably just allow daddy to do all the necessary changings, whatever there is. More so, boys are also much unaware of when should they be changing their oils.

In worst case scenarios, they would only check the oil of the car, or the car itself, if it will stop and break in the middle of nowhere.

However, boys do not only do the bad stuff. One thing they most probably know is they consult knowledgeable people when it comes to their car troubles. But, boys end up going to auto mechanics when the car already stopped working. As a result, they bid goodbyes to more dollars in their wallets.

Checking The Tires, Brakes, Headlights, and Air Filters

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Just as various parts of your body need different types of caring methods, various parts of the car also need distinct addressing from each other. Tire pressure checking is one thing. Brake pressure checking is another. And when you check the headlights, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have also been checking the air filters.

All these parts need personal inspection.


  • Men’s Way


Men know that incorrect tire pressuring will lead to bigger problems other than just a flat tire. Such problems will be instability, poor braking, less gas mileage and others that will cause you accidents. To prevent this, they check tire pressure regularly to ensure the safety of both the passengers and the car.

Accidents due to poor or broken brakes is one of the worst cases to experience. This scenario is one event that can take lives not only of the passengers of the cars but also the lives of the innocent passerby. To avoid the matter, men check the brakes regularly, every 25,000 miles or less. This way they will know when should they be adjusting the pressure and when do their brakes need professional attention.

Headlights are essentials, especially in night adventures. A bad headlight can cause a nightmare to every driver there is. Avoiding this matter will require prior responsibility in checking the headlights and replacing the bad headlights. In replacing these headlights, it is also notable that men opt to credible brands for a long lasting headlight experience.

One of the most forgotten parts is the air filter. But just as tires, brakes, headlights and other parts need a regular check up, air filters do too. Though they will need lighter attendance, they still have to be addressed. Real men should change their air filter every 30,000 miles or every year. A dirty filter can also cause greater damage to your car than preventing it in the first place.

Men are responsible enough to care for this little details and amend them with equal respect to other parts.


  • Boys’ Play


Honestly observed, boy’s won’t even bother much of the things we’ve discussed above. Boys are too naive to this stuff to care. I don’t even think kids would bother read all these things listed in here – more so check those little details for their cars.

Driving Skills

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This portion is where we distinguish a man from a boy in short words. Men are responsible beings, and boys don’t give much care to things around them. We have drawn a clear line in this matter. What distinguishes a man from a boy is their driving skills.


  • Men’s Way


Men do not do drunk driving. Men do not do overspeeding. Men do not observe distracted driving. Men do not do things that would cause accidents both to himself and to the greater community.


  • Boys’ Play


Just as real men are responsible, boys play hard. In consequence of their having fun, they drive drunk. They overspeed a lot to feel the thrill. They text while driving or do same actions that are grounds for distracted driving. They cause more accidents compared to real men who knows what and not to do when behind the wheels.


This article is not just to teach you how to take care of your car. We would also want to impart to you that responsibility can save not just innocent passerby lives but also your life.

Having a car is a liability. Be accountable for it and take the responsibility of taking care of it.

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

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