Making the impossible possible: how did Trump win the 2016 elections with big data by his side?

Making the impossible possible: how did Trump win the 2016 elections with big data by his side?

Over the last couple of months, we have been asking the media and experts repeatedly, “How did DonaldTrump win the US elections?” Keeping all our personal likes and dislikes aside, we have credited sociological factors and economic miracles as the reasons. However, what we have completely overlooked is Computer Science. Technology has made it possible for a controversial figure like Trum pascend to the throne of President of the United States of America. We may love him or hate him, but we simply cannot overlook the fact that social media is still in love with his crazy antics.

If you think we are joking, think twice. Donald Trump has been everywhere for the last one year at least. He has taken over Twitter with controversial posts and “account hacks”. He is the favorite topic of discussion on Facebook. And people are posting memes and photo series of cats that look like Trump! All in all, this man has shown how to harness the power of media to rule the minds of the people of an entire country.

Technology and Trump –

This all started when Trump started getting help from the Mercer Family. They own the British data company known as the Cambridge Analytica. They used Big Data in quite an innovative way. Everyone already knew that Hillary had Big Data on her side, but behind the scene Trump’s team was using all of Trump’s weaknesses as publicity points. This situation shows us that simply having the best remote DBA experts on your side is not enough, you will need thinkers and innovators to make an almost impossible dream come true. All the controversies around DonaldTrumpwere used to generate buzz and keep the public taking about Trump’s escapades.

New techniques for a new dawn –

Hillary lost this battle because her team used outdated methods. Her team relied on demographic data collection and polling information like Obama’s team used back in 2008. These methods could not wipe out the room for errors. The new technique used by CA gave Trump a better insight on voter psychology, especially in the swing states immediately before the 2016 elections.

CA is known for its special “psychograph” franchise whose primary focus is to influence the voters. The main instrument used include micro-targeted messages that are designed around psychological profiling and market data. Most of the data used on these campaigns came from popular surveys conducted on Facebook. This company has shown impressive success in completing surveys on popular social media.

Stalking your target audience before making a move –

According to alexander Nix, the chief of CA, they “have 5000 data points on each adult in the US”. CA has worked for over 50 Republican companies in America who dream of building a sustainable future for the country. He is a leader of innovators who are currently building the future of the country. It is not as difficult to learn database management. There are thousands of academies all around the world that teach us existing techniques and principles of DBMS. However, not all who graduate become as iconic as Nix in the field of big data and machine learning.

This kind of big data collection and analysis is great for a fast growing economy like the US. This technology can predict the future outcome of the mass regarding economic decisions made by the government. Moreover, with the aide of mass psychological graphs, the governance can predict the future of the country’s economy and growth. They can directly cut through the noise, into the actionable information that has been collected by public surveys and polls.

Where did Hillary go wrong?

Hillary’s moves were predictable and well explained. However, her team was not nifty enough. While her team went around collection data in a physical effort, they raked in a lot of false consensus. Her team failed to separate the noise from the facts. They over-estimated the number of voters due to the false consensus effects. Her team definitely did not take into account Trump’s speeches that were as nonsensical as they were confident. Trump is a man who is both wrong and extremely right about it! This is what easily makes him the center of attention. The media loves him and the social media is always talking about his stints.

Another important factor FTW –

What we have seen during Trump’ campaign is a classic case of diffusion of responsibility. Take for example, you are in the subway and you see two men fighting. There is a crowd witnessing the incident but none of them is calling the cops because “someone else will”. Very similarly, we all know that what Trump says and does is rarely 100% right, but no one really calls him out because they do not want to take the responsibility. The controversies surrounding him make him media’s best man and that has contributed greatly towards his raging popularity.

Data science is revolutionizing the way we see digital privacy. Trump is an iconic figure who has modified the concept of democracy and digital privacy, online, through his election campaigns. Technology, like the kind used by Trump’s digital team is evolving continuously. This gives startups and new edge over traditional database management companies like the kind Hillary used in her campaign.

Relationship between sustainable future of the country and big data management –

In the 21st century climate, change may still be a debatable topic, but the need for a better future definitely isn’t. While people are still debating about sociological and economic implications of this election, we are sure that at least technology is headed in the right direction. If big data companies like CA, keep working towards optimization of data collection and analysis, predicting the future of a nation does not remain impossible anymore.

If harnessed correctly, like in case of Trump’s campaigns, big data can become all about sustainable technology that values human behavior and can accurately predict the outcomes of an action. Sustainable future is not exclusive of evolution of technology. As a matter of fact, thinking about a sustainable future in this century without a direct alliance with technology is foolhardiness.

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