LinkedIn’s Top 10 Company Pages of 2017

linkedin company pages of 2017
Credit: Linkedin Slideshare

LinkedIn has launched a campaign in which they asked their users to nominate the best top 10 LinkedIn Company pages.

They received over 9,000 nominations and today they published the results.

Here are the…

Top 10 best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2017

  1. Hays
  2. Schneider Electric
  3. Nike
  4. Cisco
  5. DXC Technology
  6. Teleperformance India
  7. Hotmart
  8. HP
  9. Biesse Group
  10. Woolsworth Group

But there is more. With this occasion, LinkedIn is also giving 10 tips to help your company page perform better and maybe next year you can earn a spot on their list.

  1. Know you audience and seek to be genuinely helpful. You top blog posts serve as great content to share on your Company Page
  2. Visual is the new headline. Ensure your imagery matches the messaging. Engage employees to get involved in the content creation process to extend reach and increase engagement
  3. Attract top talent by sharing experiences from employees. Don’t forget to leverage the Jobs tab on your Company Page.
  4. Create a distinct platform for each aspect of your business that has its own message to share with its own target audience.
  5. Start a conversation and keep it going be responding to followers comments.
  6. Share exciting news and exclusive content about your company
  7. Company updates containing links can have up to a 45% higher follower engagement than updates without links
  8. Use your Company Page to drive awareness about upcoming events & conferences your company is attending or sponsoring.
  9. Links to YouTube videos play directly in the Linkedin feed and typically result in a higher share rate.
  10. Sharing third party content – whether it features employees or not – is a great way to establish authority and goodwill with your audience.

You can also check out their Slideshare presentation.

Let us know in the comments section below what is your opinion about these pages. Do they deserve to be in LinkedIn’s Top 10 Company Pages of 2017?

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