Light That Backyard Party Up: Cool Lighting Ideas for Your Outdoor Gatherings

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Most of us love to celebrate our friendship and family gatherings in our backyards. Not only that it saves us a lot of money, and the hassle of commuting from going to fancy restaurants, but also the feel of having your get-together in your home premises is just too intimately fun and enjoyable. Party and dinner by the garden, in your patio, or your balcony with friends and family, can make you act in your real self without the unsolicited judgments of outsiders.

To spruce up your outdoor gatherings, it’s important to incorporate some lighting. Your lighting can either be functional, ambient or accent lighting. Having these lights installed in your balcony, garden, and in your patio can transform your dull outdoor areas into something magical and glowing space.

So, here are some cool lighting ideas to get you started on your next outdoor gatherings.

String Lights

Hanging and draping some string lights can make your outdoor dinner parties extra special. Your garden landscape will never be the same when you have string lights attached to your favorite English Ivy and Jasmine plants. If you have archways to your homes or a palm tree, you can also hang those string lights there. Surely, it will add glory to the evening.


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Decorative lanterns are must-haves to light up the dark corners of your gardens and patios. Lanterns are wonders to the eyes as you can purchase them in different shapes and colors. You can choose more modern metal lanterns to cast a classy light in your gatherings. Or, if you and your friends do have fun personas, you can opt for multi-colored ones to spice up the evening.

Always remember, choose the best lanterns that suit your personality. There are a lot of lanterns available in some reputable lighting sites like which is perfect for your next outdoor dinner party.

Torches and Candles

You want the evening to have a medieval ambiance? Go for torches and candles. Torches and candles are great lightings to light up archways and pathways like those in the medieval era. Be careful, though, in choosing the types of torches and candles to avoid unwanted disaster.

Wicker Lamps

wicker lamps
Wicker lamps simply have an outdoor feel, maybe because its material comes from nature. It is a woven material from pliable twigs, typically of willow, that’s why it can naturally add light and beauty to your gardens when you make it an outdoor decor. It always has the best look when you hang it from the beams of your pergola.

Modern Garden Lamps

If you want the lighting of your next dinner party to have a modern atmosphere, choose modern garden lamps. It comes from various and thoughtfully crafted designs to achieve the spread of light you want for your garden. You can also go “green” when purchasing garden lamps. You can consider solar garden lamps to save you electricity and money for your planned backyard family gathering.


If you want something to wow your guests, uplighters are upping the game in improving the look of your garden. You can place uplighters on your garden plants or by the pool. Not only that it will give life to your walls as it cast its light, for sure it will also enhance that already comfy feeling of your hanging pendant lights at night.


Good lightings are essential to add glamour to our outdoor social gatherings. Whether it is a garden party, dinner on the balcony, or having a good wine on the patio, it is always good to have a lovely and comfortable setting to offer our guests.

There are many cool lighting ideas to consider when it comes to choosing the best lightings for your next social gathering. They can be found in the market already. There are lighting designs that can suit your personality and at the same time improving the quality of your outdoor area. It’s never too late to be a kind host to your guests. It’s time to light that outdoor party up!

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