Know What Most Powerful Businessmen Wear On Their Wrist


Time is money and so watches are a priceless add-on to the life of a businessman.
For the same reason they love their watches for sure. No doubt this is the era of
smartphones and this has simply brought down the importance of the timepiece still
businessmen wear watches. The best thing is that these watches cost about a few
ten thousands.

When compared to the women’s fashion, men don’t have much to show off with their
clothing. So for the same reason they flaunt their style with their cars and watches.
Since the invention of the watches they have been the part of men’s fashion.
So let’s take a look and see what some of the powerful and successful businessmen
and the watch on their wrist.

Warren Buffett
When we talk about business, how can we forget a legend like Warren Buffett! He is
the second wealthiest person and is the chairman of the company named Berkshire
Hathaway since 1970. The people who know him know the fact that he is frugal at
personal level. Still, he has managed to spend a good amount on his Rolex Day
Date President.  According to Daniel Richmond, MD of , “a watch is
not just an accessory which adds style but, on the contrary it speaks of a man’s class
and personality. “

Anthony Scaramucci
Anthony Scaramucci is the founder of SkyBridge Capital which was formed in the
year 2005. The company was later sold in the beginning of 2017 and till then he
served as the co-managing partner of the concern. He took this decision as he was
to be the part of the White House staff for Donald Trump. The man has been seen
flaunting one of the luxury watches named Breitling Avenger which costs about
$5000 during the World Economic Forum.

David Solomon
David Solomon became the partner of Goldman Sachs in the year 1999 and then
later became the Global head of the Financing Group. Today he is the co-COO
along with Harvey Schwartz of Goldman Sachs. The man has modest choice when it
comes o watches and was seen wearing a Shinola Runwell Chronograph which
costs a few hundreds.

Larry Fink
After co-founding BlackRock in 1988, Larry Fink became the CEO and Director of
the company. The company which was formed under the name of The Blackstone
Group got split in the year 1994 while Fink stayed on his positions. With a few
business tactics in place it became one of the biggest money management firm.

Exactly it is not known which watch he wears on his wrist but, it is very much
speculated that he wears a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera.

Ray Dalio
Ray Dalio is the founder of the investment firm named as Bridgewater Associates
and has assets worth $104 billion. Ray is more known for his philanthropist nature
apart from his role as hedge fund manager and investor. Through his hard efforts he
has managed to be the 30 th richest man in US. The man is capable of buying
anything but, recently he was spotted with an Apple Watch on his wrist.

James P Gorman
James P Gorman became the president of Morgan Stanley in 2006 and COO of
Global Wealth management group before he managed to be the CEO and Chairman
in 2009. He managed to be part of the largest wealth management platform after
going for a merger with Smith Barnet which simply increased their assets by $1.8
trillion. Gorman loves to wear a number of watches and recently he was seen
wearing a Rolex Daytona which comes at a price of few thousand dollars.

Phil Falcone
Falcone along with Raymond J. Harbert founded Harbinger Capital in the year 2000.
Until the time he stepped down from his position as chairman of the company and
chief executive the company had managed to have an asset of $9 billion under the
management. Moreover, he has played for the Sedish professional hockey team for
a season during the 80s. Additionally, he has managed to acquire a 40% stake in the
NHL’s Minnesota Wild hockey team. When we talk about his taste for watch, he has
managed to combine his love for sports as well as profession together. This can lead
to something like a Casio G-Shock which can be bought for a few dollars.

Bill Ackman
Bill Ackman is the founding man behind Pershing Squeare Capital Management by
using his own money and now his assets have turned to $12.4 billion. He has
received a mix of reviews from people like state government officials, federal
officials, retail investors and common man. He is more known for his spontaneous
behaviour to hire people who have no personal experience in finance. Even though
he may not be specific about the people he hire but, he is very specific about what
he wears on his wrist. He has a Patek Phillipe which can cost around $35,000.

Stephen A. Schwarzman
Stephen A Schwarzman, who is the CEO and chairman of the Blackstone Group is a
private equity manager, investor and a philanthropist. During his career he has
managed to make around $10.2 billion but that has not made him go for expensive
watches. He owns swatches like Sistem51 which just costs a couple of hundreds.

Sergio Ermotti
Sergio Ermotti has moved from a number of business concerns during his career.
Even after UBS was restructured Ermotti retained his position as CEO and has a
reputation of a successful manager. Being from Switzerland, it clearly depicts his
liking for Swiss watches. The CEO of USB has been seen flaunting his Rolex
Daytona a number of times.

Lloyd Blankfein
Blankfein joined J Aron & Co in the year 1982 which was then acquired by Goldman
Sachs. Before serving as the vice chairman, he had managed the Currency and
Commodities Division for a good amount of time. Later he became the CEO of the
company by replacing Henry Paulson. So what do you think he wears on his wrist?
The fact is that he just manages to have a watch with plastic band which just costs a
few dollars.

Watches have always been a fascinating thing and when we see them on the wrist of
popular businessmen it simple turns out to be style and trend.

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