Is Code Review An Important Aspect To Be Considered Before Mobile App Deliverance?

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As we know prevention is always better than cure. Finding defects at an earlier stage is quite better than realizing those design and code specification mistakes after the release of a software product. Mobile application is an integral part of the human life and it includes B2B and B2C applications. If app developed by mobile app development company does not function correctly, it can incur the huge loss to business in terms of time, money and resources. As humans, we are prone to make mistakes during application development. Executing applications that witness bulk of code defects leads to system failure. Whenever developers write an app code, they compile code, check syntax errors, correct the errors and execute the program again. Still, there are mistakes that are missed out by developers during application coding. Though those mistakes are small still, it may malfunction app with dangerous errors and threats that may stop application to function in an intended manner.

So, to maintain application quality and performance, code review is a necessary process that focus on one developer peeping another developer’s work to point out the omitted bug in the application. But, hold on!

What’s Exactly Code Review All About? What Purpose It Serves?

Code review is a system of peer reviews that involves developers to peep in the code they didn’t write and provide necessary feedbacks. It is one of the most common approaches for validating application design and features. The main purpose of code review is to help developers’ to maintain uniformity between design and implementation across team members that are engaged in multiple projects of the company. Code reviews can take place in two segmentation:

1. Peer reviews
2. external reviews.

What’s Peer Reviews And What Do Reviewers Look For?

Peer Reviews:

In peer reviews, the main focus areas are design, functionality, and implementation of features. For that, reviewer is expected to have sound business knowledge in the problematic area. He must also have primary know-hows of surrounding areas to give needed feedbacks and suggestions.

Peer reviewers is supposed to peep into:

1. Proper Feature Implementation:

Peer reviewer will make sure that all the features are implemented as per client suggestion. It will also ensure that whether the features meet the business requirements or not.

2. Changes Side Effect:

The reviewer will analyze whether a change in code affects any corresponding feature or not. It will check out that changes done in the code do not degrade another feature performance.

3. Readability And Maintenance:

Reviews will ensure that code is readable and understandable. It should not create any complications for the person that is unaware of the project. Variables names should be relevant and should be short as possible.

4. Consistency & Performance Evaluation:

To achieve consistency in development projects, just define a code style and follow the same. To outcome best application performance, reviewers need to ensure that often executed code is optimized.

What’s An External Review And What Do Reviewers Look For?

An external review mainly focuses on increasing code quality, and reviewing “code smell”. It will see to it that quality of code is not degraded, the effect of code on other parts of the project and whether the code is done as per company’s guidelines or not.

They will look for:

1. Coding Style Format:

The reviewers will ensure that the project is accomplished in given manner and everyone follows strict coding practices as per company’s protocols and guidelines.

2. Code Smells:

Code smell is nothing but a hint that states that something went wrong in the code. Reviewers will pop out code smells and will give necessary suggestions to avoid the same.

Concluding Notes:

Of course, variations are prone to be witnessed as per various company rules and guidelines. Still, the code review process will remain constant. Having code review will ultimately benefit your development team and will result with best-rate product deliverance. Stay tuned for next app development updates!

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