iOS 10.3 Update: 5 Beta Features that will Possibly Make the Final Cut

iOS 10.3 Update

With everybody focusing on the key changes being brought about in iOS 10.3, many of us may have missed out on the seemingly trivial but considerably important features of iOS 10.3 beta – which may or may not make it to the final version of the iOS 10.3.

The actual 10.3 update is slated to release in March or early April for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is a milestone update in iPhone application development that it brings with it more than just bug fixes and security patches.

The iOS 3.0 will also have several other feature updates apart from the known feature additions like:

  • The Clips app that will allow users having iPhones higher than iPhone 5, to create unique videos, which can be shared through iMessage and other social media apps.
  • The new iTunes version will have NetFlix-like movie rentals, except – they will be on a rent once, watch anywhere basis.
  • Carplay platform has undergone a variety of tweaks that allow easy inter-app navigation and shortcuts to essential apps like Maps, iTunes, Spotify, etc.
  • For US users using iCloud-connected devices on Verizon, wi-fi calls will be allowed to other Apple devices using the same Apple ID.
  • Users will be able to track their AirPods, like the Find my iPhone feature as the app will list the last known location where the users’ Airpods were connected to iOS via Bluetooth.

Let’s take a look at features of iOS 10.3 beta that will hearten iOS users if they make it to the final cut of iOS 10.3.

1. iCloud Storage Breakdown

iOS has enabled cloud storage since long. However, with iOS 10.3 beta, it goes cloud first by putting the user’s Apple ID on top of the Settings. In the details screen, the user’s profile is shown along with the breakdown of how their iCloud storage is being used at present.

The color-coded progress bar highlights the apps using iCloud storage, along with a list view that allows the user to enable/disable the iCloud access of a particular app.

2. Podcast widget

Apple’s official Podcast application gets a cool new widget that can be added to the user’s tray on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This will be hailed particularly by those iOS users who subscribe to a lot of podcast channels.

3. Cricket scores

Skipping the traditional interests in soccer, and other games popular in US, the iOS makes a move to cater to the sports cravings of the Asian subcontinent. This smart strategy will endear the iOS to the millions of users in the cricket playing (and cricket loving) nations by enabling Siri to look up scores of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and other International Cricket Council (ICC) matches.

4. Weather in maps

Apple maps have been slow and steady in their evolution, as compared to their main competitors – Google Maps. Apple’s experiment in crowdsourcing locations is still catching up with a majority of iOS users. Hence, this feature will benefit those who are using Apple maps and try to evangelize those who are not.

In this, the users owning a device that supports 3D Touch can get a quick look at the weather forecast by 3D touching the weather button. It will help plan road trips better, as it provides an hourly forecast of the weather conditions.

5. Floating iPad keyboard

Investigative developers (if they may be called so) have discovered that the iOS 10.3 contains a hidden floating keyboard that can be operated by one hand. This feature is not available in iOS 10.3 beta, however, enthusiastic developers have found out that if this floating keyboard makes it to the final version of iOS 10.3, iPads can have an iPhone sized one-hand keyboard floating around on their screens, to help convenient typing in apps.

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