Experience The Magic Of Internet of Things Automation (IoT)

Experience The Magic Of Internet of Things Automation (IoT)
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Test The Limits of Your Imagination With The Internet of Things Automation (IoT)

Have you heard the phrase ‘Internet of Things Automation (IoT)’? If you have technical background or follow the latest technology updates, it is impossible for you to not have come across this word till date. Nonetheless, it may happen that you do not a clear vision of this concept. Let’s get a deeper understanding of the same.

Internet of Things Automation (IoT) is something much more than a mere buzzword now. It is something that can test the limits of your imagination. It requires you to open mind and eyes to something that you would have never even thought of. To keep it short and understandable to layman, IoT ecosystem takes you to an altogether new world of smart devices that smoothly communicate with each other and perform as per your commands.

‘Internet of Things Automation’ concept is getting increased attention in the world of technology. While all tech giants are talking about leveraging the power of IoT automation, what do they actually mean? Let’s understand the basic ideology of Internet of Things automation (IoT) and its utility in different industries:

What is Internet of Things Automation: Digging Into The Basics

Internet of Things automation (IoT) is a connected ecosystem of smart devices (powered by sensors) that collect and exchange data to operate as per user’s instructions. The fundamental rule for the application of the Internet of Things automation concept is that all hardware devices of the ecosystem must be ‘smart’ in nature and have Wi-Fi capabilities.

Factors Driving in Internet of Things Automation (IoT) Storm:

Increased Manufacturing of Smart Devices
1. Easy Accessibility of Internet
2. Reduced Cost of Broadband Internet Connection
3. Rise of Gadgets Powered by Sensors
4. Higher Adaption Rate to the Latest Technology

Facts To Justify The Trend Of Internet of Things Automation (IoT)

Connected world of the Internet of Things Automation (IoT) is not something that is envisioned in 2017. The concept came to light a few years ago but has picked up pace off recently after its utility in different industrial sectors were exposed. Following graph explains the growth of IoT connected world from 2014 to roughly forecasted figure for 2020:

Credit: Statista

Industry Specific Implementation of The Internet of Things Automation

With our above discussion on IoT, you would have understood the basics and its utility in general, but how to leverage it for the benefit of your business is what you still need to know. Let’s dive deeper into the usefulness and impact of the Internet of Things on big industry domains:

1. Internet of Things Automation Revolutionizing the Retail Industry

Retail industry has grown by leaps and bounds by leveraging the power of ecommerce websites. While those online stores have a different set of audience, IoT for retail retains its focus on tradition brick-and-mortar stores.

Retail stores have immense scope of improving their inventory management system and customer experience by incorporating the latest Internet of Things trends:

i) Installing smart shelves that sends out notifications on low inventory.
ii) Smart systems that notify customers about discount offers on their mobile phones as they enter the store.
iii) Using sensors to track the location of goods for smoother supply-chain management cycle.

These automation leave retailers with enough scope to improvise customer service and ensure hassle-free supply chain cycle.

2. Reshaping the Real Estate Industry with Internet of Things Automation

The concept of connected living has redefined real estate industry. Advancements in devices and sensors exchanging data over the internet are fueling the growth of smart homes and real estate spaces.

IoT automation solutions at homes, parking lots, workplaces, shopping malls and retail stores have promised comfortable living:

i) Having a smart HVAC system at home that senses the current temperature and resident’s schedule to set the perfect room temperature when he/she returns home.
ii) Installing smart security system that can monitor daily activities and report the user of irregularities, if observed.
iii) Using sensors that automatically turn off lights and power when you leave the home.

Adoption of Internet of Things automation in real estate on a large scale will entirely change the definition of comfortable living.

Internet of Things Automation (IoT) for Anything to Everything

Several industries and domains are now experimenting with Internet of Things automation (IoT) to step into a new age where everything can be controlled centrally. Smart homes, smart cities, smart parking systems to smart shopping malls, everything is covered under this technology.

Some of these Internet of Things automation systems are already implemented in some countries, while others are still in planning phase. Once everything is set up through internet of things automation, anything can be controlled centrally! It has the potential to spoil users for convenience, flexibility and comfort.

Are You Ready for Internet of Things Automation (IoT)?

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Businesses have to adapt to these technological updates and trends to match their customer’s expectations and survive in the highly competitive IT market. Let’s join hands with Internet of Things to redefine our lifestyles.

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