15 Innovative Sales Leaders Every Business Should Know

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The sales role is evolving in today’s organizations in response to changes in customer expectations. Yet, there are standout sales leaders who are providing the solutions that businesses need to identify, attract, engage to retain prospects and customers.

With that in mind, here are 15 of those movers and shakers that serve as executives to watch now and into the future:

1. Doug Winter

Doug is Co-Founder and CEO of Seismic. The company offers a truly unique sales enablement platform that improves communication among the sales team as well as between sales and marketing.  As a serial entrepreneur, he has founded three successful companies.

Each has leveraged the power of technology in new ways to make improvements to business processes. Also, companies under his direction have grown their revenues significantly and established a thought leadership position in their industries.

2. Roy Raanani

Roy is Co-Founder and CEO of Chorus.ai, an innovative way to improve sales conversations for better engagement and conversion rates. He discovered the benefit of studying conversations. Additionally, Roy realized the benefits of providing these insights of everyday regular conversations to sales professionals. In the process, he introduced a new type of sales analytics that integrates artificial intelligence.  

He has significantly enhanced what sales teams can achieve. In turn, his experience with working as a consultant to many organizations enhanced his knowledge of the key challenges organizations face, which influenced the development of Chorus.ai.

3. Robin Smith

Robin is Co-Founder and CEO of WeGoLook, a company that relies on a collaborative workforce to generate field service sales across multiple business segments. As such, her knowledge spans a range of industries and backgrounds, enhancing her thought leadership in numerous areas.

Just her experience of building a sharing economy organization from the ground up offers a unique learning lesson for those in sales.

4. Tony Rodoni

Tony is Executive Vice President for Commercial Sales and Sales Readiness at Salesforce. Tony leads a sales team with aggressive quota goals and is defining the future success of the entire sales organization globally via his readiness charter. Tony is an inspiring leader holding a significant role in the company’s overall vision, direction, and go-to-market strategy.

Tony has a deep appreciation of what matters most in the Age of the Customer informed by his previous experience, as a Salesforce customer as VP of Sales and Marketing at Itemfield, a data integration company, and VP of Marketing and VP of EMEA Sales at Support.com, a customer service and support technology vendor.

He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

5. Haley Katsman

Haley is Vice President, Account Development for HighSpot, a sales enablement platform that lets users manage content for their sales teams, conduct training, and deliver content to customers’ emails and via online presentation channels. She has worked in numerous Fortune 500 companies, leveraging this experience to help HighSpot. The result has been to gain traction with its target audience.

Haley was an integral part of building the company’s ICP, Buyer Personas, Buyer’s Journey and Account Based GTM strategy. As a result, the company experienced a 400 percent increase in sales pipeline over the course of six months.

6. Timo Rein

Timo is Co-Founder of Pipedrive, a solution for small sales team so that they can handle complex processes despite having minimal resources. His background as a seasoned sales manager has helped him identify a significant gap in the marketplace. Timo discovered that the available CRM solutions were only made for a company’s executives.

As a true visionary, Timo is a salesperson who understands this position. Also, he continues to focus on adding features and tools that can make this challenging job much easier.

7. Alon Braun

Alon is CEO of Pathwwway, a company that offers services for customer retention, website production, and other tools that build sales. Born in Israel, Alon Braun perhaps isn’t the typical salesperson. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, his sharpness, honesty, and enthusiasm make him one of the best salespeople out there. Alon only chooses projects that he truly believes in.

Growing up, he battled self-doubt. After working as a computer programmer and having a few projects that did not grow as he hoped, Alon switched his career to make a positive impact on the natural world by becoming a coral reef scientist.

Over the years, his scientific research took a surprising turn into the research of human consciousness, personal growth, mass communications and marketing. Equipped with a different mind set and a body of self awareness studies, it is his passion and enthusiasm that make him one of the most authentic, and irresistible, salespersons today.

8. David Dinenberg

David is Founder and CEO of KIND Financial, a seed to sale software platform that enables cannabis businesses and government agencies to ensure compliance, facilitate payment methods, and standardize this growing industry.

His expertise is helping others within this space to improve their strategies and understand how they can leverage new opportunities and technologies that will help add credibility to the cannabis industry.

9. Chanin Ballance

Chanin is President and CEO of Veelo, a sales effectiveness platform that helps organizations increase productivity, employee empowerment, and sales through the use of data science. Chanin is also, an entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience building organizations that delivers innovative products and services.

These companies have partnered with brands like Cisco, Oracle, Nike, Intel, and HP. Chanin is also a member of the Young Professional Organization and the AT&T Women Entrepreneurs’ Forum.  

She also recently joined the Service Council for the Sales Enablement Society. This Washington, D.C. volunteer organization focuses on defining sales enablement functions and roles.

10. Andrew Thomas

Andrew is Co-Founder and CRO of SkyBell, a Wi-Fi enabled doorbell that is quickly becoming a leader in the consumer Internet of Things (IoT) space.

He has fascinating insights into how to take a $600,000 crowdfunding effort and turn it into a multi-million company in just three years. Additionally, Andrew has learned how to leverage strategic partnerships with companies like Apple, Alarm.com, and Honeywell to rapidly increase sales of this innovative device.

In the process, his company has been able to leverage these partnerships to enhance their marketing efforts and use an existing supply chain and logistics chain rather than to generate their own, turning these revenues into an even higher profit.

11. Bret Taylor

Bret is Co-Founder and CEO of Quip, a sales productivity tool that was founded in 2013 and acquired by Salesforce in 2016. In the past, he was the co-creator of Google Maps and CTO of Facebook after the social media giant bought his startup.

He is responsible for Facebook’s “like” button. Previously, he led engineering and product at Google. Bret also brought the Google App Engine to market. As part of the Salesforce family, Bret continues to work on developing sales tools and expanding Quip’s features.

12. Kimberli Cheung Wright

Kimberli is the Founder and CEO of Trepic, which is a travel app that combines users and artificial intelligence to generate the best matched travel experiences available. She was named as one of 50 Inspirational Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017 by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as Inc. Magazine’s 15 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch Out for in 2017.

Her diverse background as a designer, film director, and virtual reality film director makes her one of the most fascinating business leaders on this list. She has designed and developed vacation homes on islands since 2012. In 2009, she won 4 International Film Awards for a feature-length documentary on healthcare she directed and edited.

Besides winning awards, the documentary also started the movement that led to the amendment of a U.S. nationwide law known as the Medicare Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP).

13. Stefan Teulon

Stefan is Co-Founder and CEO of Zunos, a knowledge communications platform for sales people to improve their decision making, communications, and tactics. Therefore, he is an entrepreneur to watch because of his long history of success in the mobile and SaaS industries.

His ability to also leverage neuroscience adds another dimension to what he is adding to sales and business processes.

14. Hal Howard

Hal is the Co-Founder and CEO of Komiko, a technology startup that offers a B2B productivity and customer engagement sales app for Salesforce or Dynamics. He has a diverse background in technology, which includes working with Bill Gates at Microsoft. While there, he served as Corporate Vice President, ERP R&D. It has always been Hal’s desire to do something that could change the world led him to strike out on his own. This laser focus has helped his startup to grow rapidly. 

This is due in large part to its ability to improve B2B sales account engagement.

15. George Arabian

George is Vice President, Sales for Growth Corner, which offers solutions for outbound/lead generation, inbound/digital marketing, sales management and execution, specializing in accelerating revenues for growth stage B2B startups.

He has a considerable track record for delivering rapid sales growth for numerous startups. Since 2014, George has also been active investor in seed-stage and Round A start-ups as a managing partner at Steelhead Ventures, a Micro-VC fund. His value lies in sharing experiences related to diverse startup experiences, including private and public companies.

Listen and Learn

These 15 movers and shakers in the sales industry also offer insightful advice worth uncovering. They all contribute their information online through their thought leadership content. Additionally, they can be found offline at industry conferences.

Their knowledge and experience can offer a way to improve your own understanding of sales for your organization.

Check them out. Their information will benefit your company, team, and, most importantly, your customers and prospects.

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

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