Why It Is Important To Contribute In The Development Of Your Mobile App

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Having a mobile app has become inevitable to online retail stores now. This is because mobile app is now an indispensable all-encompassing marketing and publicity tool. Traffic is what every marketer strives to convert into sales. So, shouldn’t you cherish any tool that pulls traffic to your website? This is why mobile app developers are making a hell of money currently.

However, to get the best of your mobile app, you need to play an active role in your app development. All reliable app developers usually carry their clients along in the development of their mobile apps. Playing active role will allow you list all the functionalities you want in your mobile app. This is because there are some important features that make an app very effective. You may not get the best of your app if these features are not present.

Your app should have provision for customers to be able to order any of your products and services and you get the full notification at the backend so that you can begin to process the order. Some apps do not allow first time customers to make orders without a full registration. This should be revisited.

Your app should allow customers to make orders without a full registration. Meanwhile, the app can be designed to send a reminder to all the unregistered customers so that they can register fully. A customer may already have a vendor for certain products but his vendor may lack the particular product temporarily. He decides to order from you as an alternative option and then you send him a long registration form. It can be very discouraging. He will likely quit your app and move on to any of your competitors.

You definitely need every customer’s full details for better profiling but you don’t need to force them to register. There are better ways to go about it. You can motivate them to register by offering a one-time registration discount.

Your app should have a push button through which you can send a message to all your customers (users of your app). Imagine the convenience, sending a message to over 5,000 people with a single button. This function can be used to advertise new promos and new products and it can even be used to send out important surveys to all of them.

Your app should be integrated to all popular social media like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp just to mention a few. It should be integrated in such a way that your posts can be shared by all the recipients with a single click of “share” button. This will make it easy for your customers to share your posts and it will easily go viral. When your posts continuously go viral, your popularity will continue to soar higher and your credibility will be boosted. If you want your marketing post or your explainer video to continue to go viral, there is a secret involved. Learn to include some humor in all your posts. The recipients will always share it to make all their friends laugh. They will always look forward to your posts.

Make your app very simple as the simplicity will enable customers to navigate through it easily. The best way to do this is to avoid including useless features that your customers do not really need. More functions will lead to more buttons and it will make the app very clumsy. For instance, your mobile app should only offer a chatting platform between a customer and a customer service agent. It should not allow customers to chat among themselves. If they really want to chat there are apps meant specifically for that.

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