Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on SEO

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on SEO

The impacts artificial intelligence has on SEO are greater than you can possibly imagine and the changes are taking place very fast. For instance, there is this new learning algorithm known as RackBrain that is significantly impacting the SEO industry. The machine learning algorithm works at Google’s search result level where it customizes core algorithms for various searches. It uses its learned deep learning abilities to group sites. Here is how you can take advantage of artificial intelligence for SEO to ensure that your business stays ahead.

Artificial intelligence and business

Today, artificial intelligence is greatly impacting the world of digital marketing. Since the amount of raw data available in the digital world of today is very large, people might depend on artificial intelligence for data interpretation assistance very soon. These data can then be converted into valuable information so as to improve SEO. The fact that artificial intelligence is now in a position to use deep learning techniques to tell the difference between a good website and a bad website, marketers should ensure that they run quality sites that contain useful content in order to attract readers.

With Google’s RackBrain SEO will completely change

According to professional search engineers, the future of SEO is set to completely change thanks to artificial intelligence. Most importantly, it should be noted that some old influencer marketing rules no longer apply thus marketers should take the necessary measures to achieve successful SEO campaigns for the success of their businesses.

Google’s RackBrain uses a deep learning approach that makes it to function very differently. Several core algorithms are available within Google, and RackBrain uses its deep machine learning to find out the perfect mixture of core algorithms to be applied on each search results. For example, RackBrain can identify the META Title as the most important signal in particular search results. This implies that improving the matching algorithm of the META Title may result to better search experiences. Conversely, the importance of the META Title might not be that crucial in other search results.

Besides, it should be noted that the mixes of algorithms run by Google are completely different from one search result to another. Therefore, it is prudent to perform the regression analysis using specific search results. This allows marketers to find out the particular algorithms that are being demoted or promoted to help them pay more attention to improving particular SEO parts for the unique search results. However, a similar approach cannot work out for the other search results because the new virtual assistant operates on the keyword level. In other words, it is personalizing algorithms for individual search results.

Staying in your niche with help avoid misclassification

Google has become conscious of the fact that it is possible to teach their RackBrain how a good site looks like as well as how a bad site looks like. This is possible because different verticals contain varied CRMs, the different data structure as well as different templates. During its operations, the RackBrain learns the correct settings for different environments. Also, these correct settings rely dependently on its vertical of operations.

This stresses the importance of marketers to properly choose their keywords that are relevant to their niche. Failure to do that will result to RackBrain classifying their sites as bad. This will negatively affect their business because customers will not have a chance to view whatever they are selling.

Since RackBrain will have a different classification procedure, marketers are advised to be very careful with their backlinks. They should stick to their linking neighborhood because the new artificial intelligence is able to find out whether there is a difference between similar vertical backlink profiles. For instance, if you run a shoe site, the RackBrain will use its deep learning process to compare each individual aspect of your site with some of the worst and best websites in the shoe industry. This implies that the backlink profile of your website will undergo a thorough comparison with other backlink profiles of the worst and best websites. Therefore, using different backlink profile will negatively affect your website because RackBrain will consider it as spam.

The future of artificial intelligence and SEO

Experts predict that with the current artificial intelligence growth rate, technology will eventually surpass the human brain. Also, RackBrain will individually examine individual keywords in each environment on their own. This means that websites will be required to stay on their niche so as to avoid misclassification. Most importantly, there is a need for websites to imitate the composition and structure of the top sites in their respective environments in order to ensure they stay relevant. To some extent, the new deep learning technique will ease things for SEO. The fact that RackBrain works closely like humans means that loopholes will be effectively eradicated.


With the new artificial intelligence, things might change for SEO to become very technical. Big data and analytics are still important in SEO. Therefore, the SEOs that do not understand these approaches need to catch up so as to remain relevant.

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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