How You Can Get More Customers In 2017

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The new year is upon us, and businesses are down on planning their marketing strategies for the year. All most businesses want to achieve is more profit, but your marketing strategy is usually not the only thing that needs some fine tuning.

Rahul Aggarwal, CEO of one of the largest design and logo marketplace, which has 37,000 registered designers producing quality design work at affordable prices, Designhill, says, “More business means more hard work, it’s a result of several things coming together,” and what are those things? Let’s hear from the man:

1. Make Sure You Offer Something Good

It’s quite understandable why you need to work on your product or service if you wish to make good sales. “It does not matter how good your marketing efforts are, if your product is not good, you will not be able to sell it. Marketing can only entice people, but they will not make the final purchase if the product doesn’t offer them something unique. Designhill makes the process more robust by only offering the highest quality services.” says Aggarwal highlighting the need to provide quality products. He continues, “When we started our design firm, we knew we weren’t only going to offer graphic designing, we were going to offer something more, and we achieved it by offering incredible customization. This is our USP. When you look at it, Designhill just another designing firm, but deep inside we know we are doing something different, and that’s what businesses need to do. They need to stand out by offering something out of the ordinary”

2. But Marketing Should Not Be Neglected

Once you have worked on what you have to offer, you have to work on how you offer it. This is where marketing comes into play. But before you start the actual process, you need to work on your customer demographics.

“It is important to know who you are targeting and why. Make good use of every marketing dollar and reduce your customer acquisition cost,” says Aggarwal, highlighting the need to have a clear audience. He continues, “If you market to the wrong person, you will not have successful leads, and you will only end up increasing your costs,” he concludes.

Think of this example, you sell a product mainly designed for females. Ideally, your target audience should be females. So what happens if your marketing teams begins to send emails to males? Their efforts would be futile as men would not be interested in buying the product. This would result in a wastage of time and resources, and may also cause morale to be low as failure has several side effects.

Be clear on gender, location, income, race, religion, age and spending habits when you prepare your customers’ demographic profiles. The more details you have regarding your target audience, the better.

“Competition is tough, you need to do better than your competitors to be able to leave a mark. You need to do everything to gain your customer’s’ attention, this includes offering specials or discounted rates. We have new year specials and regular contests on our site to attract more customers. This eventually becomes a part of our business or what we have to offer as customers get used to discount and spread word of mouth result in more business,” concludes Aggarwal.

3. Work on the Sales Process

According to reports, cart abandonment rate is as high as 68% on an average, and even higher for some industries. A sale is not considered a sale unless the client actually pays for it and accepts the product or service.

In most cases, clients or potential clients abandon a purchase resulting in high cart abandonment rates around industries. “There is a need to decrease this rate, and it’s possible only by finding out what’s causing the users to quit midway,” says Aggarwal.

In most cases it is due to high costs, lack of information, website errors, slow processing, and poor return and delivery policies. As per research, 68% users abandon a purchase due to high shipping costs and taxes.

“This indicates that the main reason is hidden costs. If someone adds a product to the cart after seeing the price, it means the person is willing to pay that much, however if the final price shows up to be higher, the person may feel cheated and abandon the purchase. The solution lies in being clear about the cost and having no extra or hidden charges,” suggests Aggarwal, continuing, “And if your users are abandoning the cart for other reasons, find those out and correct the problems.” he concludes.

4. Be Available for Help

Your team should always be available to walk the visitors through the sales process and make life easy for them. “Your visitors are naive, you need to help them at every step,” says Aggarwal highlighting the need to have a support staff. “We face this problem a lot at Designhill, where clients often do not know what they want. They order a logo, but they do not have anything specific in mind, and then we have to speak to them and offer them suggestions regarding color, design etc. Technically, our job is to build their logo, but being helpful is a part of the business. If we stop doing it, our clients would go to another company that is more helpful,” he says sharing his own experience at Designhill.

“Different companies provide help in different ways, some have a nice frequently asked section, some provide help over the phone and some prefer email communications. But I’d say, live chat is the best way to go in today’s environment. It’s quick, affordable and does the job well. Plus, most users also prefer live chat option,” says Aggarwal.

This will ensure that you do not lose your customers. People are apprehensive of calling or writing emails as it requires effort and wastes time. On the other hand, live chat is quick and allows the problem to be sorted out on the spot.

So there were some tips from Rahul Aggarwal, who is running his own design company with a lot of success. Learn from the tips he provided and you will have no issues achieving your goals this year.

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