How to Build Trustworthy Apps?

How to Build Trustworthy Apps?

To impress and win hearts of audience is not a cheesecake. It requires serious efforts and planning. We are living in a digital age where about 2.08 billion people carry smartphones in their pockets. The App Store is flooded with over millions of apps considering its demand among mobile phone users. With so much noise in the app market, it is really difficult to get your app noticed.

Though you can deal with the app awareness part by coming up with function rich and attractive app, how to gather a set of loyal customers is the biggest challenge. It is observed that users uninstall an app from their phones if they do find it up-to-the-mark. Even those apps that irritate users with constant advertisements and have poor user experience design (UX) are mostly likely to go into the bin.

‘Building apps that users actually trust and use’ should be the motto of Mobile App Development Company since the start of the project. Popularity and number of downloads will automatically follow if you have created an app that can win trust of mobile phone users. Read on to know few tips for building trustworthy apps.

       1. Share information on the consent of users

Users would not like it if your app posts information on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram without their approval. There’s a simple reason for this. Not all kind of information is to be shared with contacts over these social media channels. In the process of increasing awareness of your brand, do not go to the extent of losing trust of users.

The way out here is to have an option of ‘share’ that allows users to share information or activity over social media. This gives users the liability to share some of the activities as per their wish and not all of them by default.

     2. Do not compel users to register with you

The mandatory registration window that pops up as soon as users open the app for the first time is just not what they want to see. Some users think of compulsory registration as a way of stealing away their personal information. Let everyone use the app even without registration to explore the rich features of your app.

The best option is to have ‘Register later’ option in the registration window. With this solution, interested users can join your community after exploring the app to the fullest.

    3. Let users know why you need in-app permissions

 In-app permissions might be necessary for the functioning of your app. But, users might not have this knowledge. They keep wondering as to why do you such permissions for using a simple app. This doubt can come in the way of building trust with users.

Clear this confusion by informing users on why you need these permissions. Being clear and precise on this aspect gives a ‘genuine app’ impression in the minds of users.


Being honest and reasonable is the key to building trust with people. These tips and tactics are well understood by mobile development experts. This is the reason why you should hire services of the best android app development company.

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