Here’s 4 apps that can start saving you money today

Here’s 4 apps that can start saving you money today

We could all do with saving a bit of money. Whether we’re eating out too much or buying things we may not actually need, we’re all guilty of superfluous spending from time to time. It’s not the end of the world, but what we should be doing while we’re out there treating ourselves is utilizing the many, many apps available to consumers that help them save money while doing every day things.

These four apps below do just that, whether it’s setting up rules that help you put away a bit of money or creating you digital, discounted gift cards on the spot, these apps that fit in your pocket will help you keep a bit more money in that pocket, as well.


There’s really no denying it, all of us probably spend too much money on eating out, but instead of simply cutting back and eating more meals at home, you can use an app that helps you save money at over 60 restaurants across thousands of locations nationwide.

Essentially, Subtotal will create a digital gift card for you.  This isn’t any gift card, however, this is one you got for a discounted price after eating your meal. From the app, choose your restaurant, type in your bill amount, add a tip amount, and Subtotal will calculate the “new” price you owe. You then pay Subtotal this new, discounted price and they will present you with a digital gift card that you can present to your waitress.


In a world full of subscription-based services, you would be surprised how many of us might still be paying a recurring charge and not realize it. Or, even if you do, some services make it extremely difficult to cancel, requiring you to jump through hoops to end a service. That’s where Truebill comes in.

The app will look through all of your different bank accounts and find subscriptions and other renewing charges you’re paying for. Once presented with the list, you can choose which ones, if any, you want to cancel and Truebill will take care of all the heavy lifting. They’ll send emails, make calls, whatever is necessary to cancel it for you. The average user, according to the website, saves $512 dollars a year.

Their latest update is even more clutch, allowing you to use Truebill to help you get back overdraft fees from your bank. They’ve studied the different algorithms that banks use to decide on refunds, and use that knowledge to work on your behalf to get those pesky overdraft fees back.


Let’s face it, you’re going to spend money on stuff, there’s no way around it, but why not save money on those things? With Ibotta you look through a product gallery and complete tasks (sharing on Facebook, watching videos, etc) and it puts money that is pending into your account that can actually be cashed out once you actually purchase the product.

To verify your purchase (it does have to be at supported stores) simply scan you barcode and take a picture of your receipt in the app. Once your purchase is verified, typically within 48 hours, the savings will be deposited into your Ibotta account where it can then be transferred to PayPal or turned into a gift card.


Have you ever set rules for yourself when it comes to your spending? Maybe you’re like me and don’t spend your change, you just save it for months and month until finally you decide to cash it all in, giving yourself a nice little bonus. Qapital is kind of like that, but for techies.

It basically lets you set up different rules that trigger deposits to go into your Qapital account. Like the change example above, you can do that the high-tech with this app and it will take every purchase you make and round up to the nearest dollar, putting that change into your account. You can also set daily, weekly, and monthly transfer goals (and then, if you forget about this, Subtotal will remind you) to automatically deposit money into your Qapital account. There’s even a “Shared Goals” option that lets you group with friends to display all of your savings. This is a good way to stay motivated to save or work together to accrue money for a vacation with friends.


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