How I got 64 signups from 1 email (and you can too!)

How I got 64 signups from 1 email (and you can too!)
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As a growth marketer, I spend a lot of time figuring out ways to generate more leads to keep our growth consistent and acquire new customers everyday. My core focus is on acquiring leads from agencies that will open up the possibility for more business.

Tired of conventional methods that simply stopped working, I tried to find inspiration from the internet to gain more leads. Tweaking a conventional lead-gen method has always been something that interested me and this time I turned to good ol’ emails.

What’s the other lead-gen method? Backlinks!

The internet is plagued with articles on how to use backlinks and emails to win at lead generation. What if I used our competitor’s reviews and email to do the same?

Given below is a step by step description of how I used competitors’ reviews to gain more leads. Follow the same process or modify it according to your product.

Finding Your Top Competitors and Their Reviews

I spent some time figuring out who our competitors are – especially the big ones. The bigger your competitors are, you’re more like to find reviews about them on the web.

I figured out my top five competitors and I started looking every review or content written about them on the web. You will find a plenty of blogger and authors who have reviewed your competitors. Remember, the more content your find about your competitors the better scope you get.

Here are a few ways you find your competitors reviews. Google the following search terms:

  • Competitors-name + reviews
  • Competitors-name-2017 + reviews
  • Competitors-name-2016 + reviews
  • Competitors-name + alternatives

Getting Contact Information

After accumulating all the reviews and content pieces about your competitors you can start finding the contact information of the author who has posted the content and it is not necessary the author belongs to the same website where you see the content posted.

There are plenty of tools that could help you find email address. I usually do it manually and it’s a really time consuming process so I use Odesk to outsource the job.

It’s inexpensive and you can get your job done faster. Since it’s done manually so the likelihood of getting wrong emails is much lower. They charge you around 10 cents per email address. Also, I use EmailHunter occasionally but the results have proven to be inaccurate far too often.

Reaching Out To The Author

We all know that writing an outreach email is a serious job. I needed to make sure the content is less and convincing enough for authors to respond back. This makes a lot of difference to your effort. No matter how hard you’ve worked, the information you’ve gathered will go waste if the author doesn’t respond back.

Here’s a copy of the outreach email that I used:

Follow up

Most bloggers and authors are really busy (or so they seem) and they don’t really go through every email. You need to make sure to send follow up emails after your first email incase you don’t get  any response within next four to six days.

I send out a lot of email and manual follow ups is an insurmountable challenge. So I use a tool that automates the follow up with a user in case they did not respond back to me within a certain period of time. I configured three followups for every email recipient that did not respond.

The Outcome

I waited for a week after sending the first follow up email and I see my company was featured in his blog. That was the achievement without breaking the bank.

Measuring the Result

This is perhaps the important part of every effort you make to acquire the customers. Only by measuring the results can you tell if you should continue doing the task or stop and look for other ways.

Make sure every effort you make is metrics driven and shows some result. After doing this task I saw a good result and replicated the same with a few more competitors(not the big ones) with similar results.

Here you can see an analytics screenshot:


Lead generation doesn’t always have to be a costly or a time-consuming process. For me, all it took was a bit of unconventional thinking and the will to try.

Best of luck on your endeavors and let me know how it worked out for you in the comments.

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