Google AdWords Location Extensions: Now Available For Local Businesses

Google AdWords Location Extensions: Now Available For Local Businesses

On 14th of March 2017, Google has added a new useful display ad format “Google AdWords location extensions” on the Display Network which will show local business information. This is really a great news for those business owners who depend on display network ads for their most business. This extension includes information like photos, store location, business hours, and provided more information to users relating to an ad. Google claims in a Google plus post that location extensions can boost click through rate by up to 10%.

Eligible Google Display Network ads will automatically include information such as photos, business hours, your store location and making them more useful to shoppers who are near or show interest in your business location. Location extensions can help you find your locations by displaying your ads with your address, the distance to your business and a map to your location. Later, you can click or tap your extension to get further details regarding your location on your location page, which includes the most relevant business information all in one place. Besides, location extensions can also include a phone number or call button in order that users can easily call your business.

Why Are Location Extensions Important for Your Local Business?

  • They are Ideal for local businesses that are looking to drive foot traffic into their online stores or locations.
  • You must optimize all your search engine marketing for mobile search as more than half of all searches are conducted on mobile devices these days. Your ads are no exception. With location extensions, Mobile ads encourage the user to click a button to call your business promptly.
  • Ad extensions provide you more availability to promote your business’s address with phone number. This help to improve your conversion rate and ad’s click-through.
  • Location Extensions do not cost any extra money to serve and can greatly increase the click through rates for ads.
  • Location Extensions provide advertisers more real estate in the search results as well as help the ad stand out from the big crowd.
  • Also, advertisers have complete control on location targeting around particular business addresses.

How Can You Create Google AdWords Location Extensions?

The great thing about Google AdWords Location Extensions is these are simple to set up. You just need to enter the headline; logo description copy and upload images (up to three).

Here is the complete process:

  1. Sign into your AdWords account.
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. Click the +Campaign button then select Display Network only.
  4. Choose the “No marketing objective” option.
  5. Enter the campaign name, bid strategy, and budget.
  6. Check Out “Extend My Ads with Location Information.”

If you want to show your location extension ads only to those people who are physically located around your stores but not those who are interested in your local area, then click Location options (advanced) and go for “People in My Target Location.”

A few ads can be converted automatically to include location extensions. Generally, text, responsive and 300×250 image ads can be dynamically converted to the new location extension format when users are close by unless advertisers prefer. To opt for location extensions in a display campaign or ad groups, go for Location extensions on the Extensions tab in AdWords:

  1. Click + Extension.
  • Select “Select campaigns” or “Select ad groups”.
  • Choose one or more campaigns or ad groups, particularly the ones you’d like to switch off location extensions for.
  • Select “Use Campaign Location Extension,” then pick out “Disable Location Extensions”. Now marketing agencies started to attract new customer by adding display ads with local extension in their paid advertisement packages.

New Google Local Extension Display Ad Format

Display location extensions may not show all the time and this can be discouraging, especially to advertisers who are more interested in driving store visits instead of website traffic. Fortunately, if that’s your focus, then Google also has a new ad type for you that is “Location extension display ads”

Furthermore, display location extension ads will show your location details and can be resized to fit ad attributes 320 x 480, 336 x 280, 300 x 250 or 320 x 50 ad sizes automatically. Making the new location extension ad format can be created in an active GDN campaign simply by using the ad gallery. All display location extensions follow the same ad format and can be resized to fit different ad sizes.


Display Location Extension Ads


25 Characters Maximum

Business Name

Description 90 Characters Maximum

Theme Color

25 Characters Maximum


Fully Customizable

1:1 Aspect Ratio 128 * 128 min Resolution



1:91:1 Aspect Ration

600 * 314 min Resolution

1 Needed, up to 3 Images Allowed


Local advertisers can choose to use the location extension format in a separate display campaign for targeting their local audience. Thus, you can dedicate extra budget to driving foot traffic to your store.

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