GIPHY’s Gaming Roundup: “Rainbow 6: Siege,” “Battlefield 1,” and “Resident Evil 7!”

What’s the latest in Gaming this week? This week’s gaming post includes Valentine’s Day celebrations, a Battlefield Space Program, and unfair combat in “Rainbow 6: Siege.”

Everyone’s favorite holiday Valentine’s Day has been commemorated in true gaming fashion.

For example, here’s a gentle postcard from “Final Fantasy XV.”

A passionate dance from the Baker family in “Resident Evil 7.”

The best Valentine’s Day GIF comes from a “Battlefield 1” fan, who is a shining example of how to treat your beloved on a very special day.

In other news, never throw a dynamite at a cornered guy with a shield if you don’t want your whole team wiped out in a single blow. Sweet, sweet justice!

According to recent reports, these two bikers have successfully landed on the moon.

In “Titanfall 2,” this poor pilot takes a bullet for the titan.

Finally, here’s a perfect visualization of how lags work with multiplayer shooters.

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