GIPHY’s Gaming Roundup: “Nier: Automata,” “Battlefield 1,” “Watch_Dogs 2!”

What’s the latest in Gaming this week? Betrayal by man’s best friend, a vengeful motorbike, and a skilled paramedic.

They say base jumping is a really dangerous sport…so make sure to look up!

In “Just Cause 3,” all you need is a man to dock a full freight ship.

Your faithful friend Dogmeat from “Fallout 4” usually helps you survive in the wasteland but sometimes, even he’s not the most helpful.

Even if you die on the battlefield, there’s always someone (or something) to avenge you.

And if you die in “Watch_Dogs 2,” there’s always a skilled paramedic to revive you just by clapping his hands!

Finally, the highlight of this week is the crazy Japanese slasher “Nier: Automata.” Here’s the banned commercial, which wasn’t allowed to air in Japan.

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