GIPHY’s Gaming Roundup: ‘Middle-earth: Shadow of War’, ‘Nier: Automata’

What’s the latest in gaming this week? Delicate robots, cars in a sandbox, and your personal army of rabid orcs!

“Middle-earth: Shadow of War,” the sequel to the critically acclaimed “Shadow of Mordor,” has finally been announced.

In this game, you will make brutal orcs bow before you and become footsoldiers in your army.

Not only orcs but also ogres, wargs, and even fire-spitting wyverns will be fighting under your command. The perfect game to be a dark overlord!

If you haven’t heard, “Nier: Automata” was released this week.

In the game, humanity is forced to move to the Moon and Earth is now in the hands of evil robots.

You play “2B,” a gothic android whose mission is to save our planet from destruction (as well as inspire hundreds of cosplay costumes around the world!).

This “Perfectly Accurate Battle Simulator” looks…perfectly accurate, indeed.

Audi created an augmented reality game where you can drive through an actual sandbox. Now your cat’s litter box can be put to good use!

Finally, if you ever need to take down an opponent, this GIF will show you how.

Until next week, check out all the best gaming GIFs on GIPHY!

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