GIPHY Gaming Roundup: ‘Sonic Forces,’ ‘Pong,’ ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda,’ ‘Dark Souls 3’

Every week, GIPHY tries to bring you the latest in gaming. What’s new this week? Let’s see, vampiric damsels, a ‘Pong’ table for $5000, and a nostalgic childhood game that didn’t involve any screens.

Attention, “Dark Souls” fans!

Namco Bandai is teasing a new game with a tagline “Prepare to dine!” (The original “Dark Souls” motto was, in case you forgot, “Prepare to die.”)

The official reveal will happen next week with the game’s title, genre, and hopefully, the release date!

“Sonic Forces” looks hardcore enough to be a worthy successor to the series.

Gotta go fast!

This table pays homage to the original “Pong” game (1972) with a little twist: instead of digital images, it uses physical models moved with magnets. It can be yours for the small price of $5000!

“Mass Effect: Andromeda” glitches are really getting out of hand.

In “Dark Souls 3,” sometimes, all you need is just to relax.

Users of Reddit remembered this awesome toy. Did you have it in your childhood? Did you ever manage to catch all the rings, sorted by color?

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