GIPHY Gaming Roundup: ‘Prey!’

What’s the latest in Gaming this week? Well, to be frank, it’s a murderous coffee cup, personal black holes, and eternal loneliness on a derelict space station.

This “Week in Gaming” is fully devoted to “Prey,” a mind-blowing hardcore first-person shooter with a ton of twists.

The action takes place on “Talos-1,” a space station where a secret experiment with alien lifeforms has gone horribly wrong.

Typhon monsters are not your usual enemies. They can mimic any in-game item: a chair, a coffee cup, a table or even a pistol, which you wanna grab.

This simple trick immediately creates a true hitchcockian kind of suspense.

Once you realize that any object potentially can be a hidden monster, the paranoia takes you over and you start to shoot trash cans and chairs in panic.

Unlike most first person action games, “Prey’s” greatest moments are very still, tense, full of dreadfull suspense, when you’re almost begging an enemy to attack you and finally reveal itself.

Gunfights are your last resort. Instead, you can rely on far more creative ways of dealing with enemies. For example, there is a gun that turns aliens into foam statue…

…or grenades which create tiny black holes that suck everything inside them!

“Bioshock,” “Deus Ex,” and “Half-Life” fans would fall in love with this game.

But anyone else who likes more mature games with a darker tone should also give it a try. Above all, “Prey” is a very elegiac and thoughtful tale about a lonesome person in the dark infinity of space.

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