GIPHY Gaming Roundup: ‘Destiny 2,’ ‘Rain World,’ And ‘Just Cause 3’

What’s the latest in Gaming this week? Defenders of the Earth, slugcats, and rolling motorbikes.

Great news: “Destiny 2” has been officially announced!

This time, the game will be out not only on consoles, but on PC as well.

It should be released this September so the countdown begins.

“Rain World,” a beautiful 2D open world platformer, was released this week.

In this game, you play as a cute and fragile slugcat creature trying to survive in a brutal post-apocalyptic world.

Critics praised the game’s visuals but its difficulty is so unbalanced that at times, it almost makes the game unplayable.

In real life or in “Just Cause 3,” you should know to never dive without spotting.

We don’t know whether the cause was just, but this sure looks fun.

One bullet — 3 kills!

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