Getting Banned From Facebook: Ruin Your Business in a Second

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Facebook claims 1.7 billion monthly users (that’s billion with a B) and on any given day nearly 50% of them are logged in.  Every 20 minutes there are 1 million links shared, 2 million “friend” requests and 3 million messages posted. Every 20 minutes. If you’re a business owner or hope to otherwise profit from social media you’ll take particular note of that stat regarding “links shared.” Every 20 minutes fb users share 1 million links. That’s 3 million per hour, 72 million per day, ½ billion shared links every week. Get the picture?


Social media is a vital business tool today primarily because of all that digital commiserating. Getting people to share links related to your product and service is crucial to business success in the digital age. It’s the kind of free word of mouth money just can’t buy and a crucial component of any successful SEO campaign. So as you can imagine getting banned by Facebook is something most enlightened business owners would like to avoid, to say the least.


One way to keep your Facebook business page tidy and productive and reduce the kind of mistakes that could lead to being banned is to outsource its administration. Scores of tech savvy, experienced English speaking talent can be found online, although it may seem similar to a needle in a haystack. If you are a beginner in outsourcing, you should consider Eastern Europe as your go-to destination. They typically have extensive experience in such matters and because many are located in countries where the cost of living is a fraction of what it is in much of the West, you get first class service at incredibly affordable prices.

6 Ways to Get Banned from Facebook

The bottom line is that if, by some unfortunate circumstance, you find yourself banned from Facebook it’s not hyperbole to say that you could be staring at a slippery slope into business oblivion. But just how does someone wind up getting banned? It’s all about the ToS and below we’ll go over 6 ways you can be banned by wittingly (or more likely, unwittingly) violating that agreement you made when you checked the box on the fb Terms of Service.


  1. Have the Same Name as a Celebrity – For those non-celebrities unfortunate enough to have names like Britney Spears or Brad Pitt, life on Facebook is likely to be short and troublesome. Under the guise of insisting people use real names the social media giant casts a jaundiced eye on those it suspects are impersonating famous persons (including super-friend Mark Z). So, if you’ve ignored our advice about outsourcing administration of your Facebook business page and instead entrusted the job to your assistant Selena Gomez (who posts under that name) you could wake one day to find your Facebook account suspended.


  1. Add a Script to Your Page – Selena may think that adding an address book importer or some such thing to the company page is a good idea, but it could get you banned pretty quickly. Facebook is adamant about not embedding scripts into pages or posts and typically responds with a ban if they find such a thing.


  1. Post Copyrighted Material – So you told Selena to post something on the fb page about the company Halloween party and she posted the video to “Thriller.” Unfortunately, Zuck & Co take a dim view of posting other people’s intellectual property on your timeline and so you could wind up having your account suspended if someone reports you.


  1. Run a Promo on Your Business Page – Selena, being the industrious type, has come up with a way to attract more followers than ever: anyone who “likes” a post gets a 10% discount on your next product upgrade! Woohoo! You can practically hear those “like” buttons being clicked already. Problem is Facebook doesn’t want you running call-to-action promotions on your page and quickly and quietly pulls the plug on your account.


  1. Post a Bunch of Marketing Links – If every time Selena posts to your business page she includes a link to a different product or service of yours it could raise red flags with Facebook’s algorithm. Likewise if you include too many links to a single product this is also likely to get you in hot water. Facebook exists to make money off advertising, not to provide you with unlimited free advertising.


  1. Threaten, Bully or Otherwise Shame People in Posts – While this type of activity is just not in Selena’s nature sometimes seemingly innocent comments can be construed as a type of threat so you need to be careful. For instance a Fox News commentator had his account suspended for saying little more than he was ‘politically incorrect’. Someone reported his post and Facebook suspended his account (though they later re-instated it). Better safe than sorry should be your guiding principle.

The High Price of Being Banned

Most things have an upside and a downside and Facebook  is no exception. While Big Blue has practically limitless upside when it comes to creating engagement (and ultimately conversions) it can also – and sometimes rather capriciously – turn on you. Having your account deactivated is something that doesn’t generally come with warning signs attached. You have to be proactive in making sure you keep things above board and positive and that you’re not seen to be taking unfair advantage of the social network’s features. If you act in a cavalier manner or employ Selena or another inexperienced person who doesn’t understand the meaning of the words “discrete, measured and copyright” you could wake up one day banned and it may take your company years to recover.

Also, there’s one thing we touched on at the start of this post that warrants a closer look before we wrap things up. While losing followers, likes and shares etc is bad enough, the most serious damage might be that done to your SEO efforts. Getting banned from Facebook could torpedo them in a matter of minutes. That’s because social media engagement is a major component of any successful SEO strategy today. So being deep-sixed by the pre-eminent social media platform in the world would amount to nothing less than pulling the rug out from under your online presence.

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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