Guide to Fix iTunes Syncing Errors

Fix iTunes Syncing Errors

If you are an iOS user, when you try to sync your iPad, iPod, or an iPhone touch with iTunes, you might have encountered with the message saying “The iPhone cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-54).” So, while using iTunes on your iOS device to restore, backup, or sync, surely you have faced issues like; iTunes error 14, 39, 50, or 54.

When syncing pictures, songs, or other stuff you have had this iTunes sync error problems that disabled you from transferring any data.

Needless to say you surely have tried sorting it out by finding various methods online, or have tried to reset your device, or updated to latest iTunes version or may be tried updating to latest iOS version, but all in vain. The iTunes sync error (-54) still remains. The iTunes Sync errors also happen when any file on your iOS device or computer, is locked. But in most cases the sync still continues after clicking “ok” found below the message.

Methods to Fix iTunes Syncing Errors

Sometimes it might be little pain to fix iTunes syncing errors, because it is hard to locate those files causing this problem. In such case you have to separately search what kind of data cannot be synced, like; you can either sync only songs to check whether the music file is causing this error or not, on your iOS device.

Further there are some common steps written below that you can try to fix iTunes syncing errors.


  • AT first, update your iTunes to latest version, which is iTunes 12.5.3.
  • Whichever iOS device you are using, like; iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone, upgrade it to the latest iOS version.
  • Now you need to authorize your computer into iTunes. For this follow the said instructions- at first open iTunes > on iTunes menu choose “store” and then authorize your PC.
  • Then you have to change permissions of your original folders/ files or “iTunes” folder. iMore gives only one example to change “iTunes” folders “Read Only” permission. The originals that you wish to transfer to iOS device; you can find them and change permission.For this- open the windows explorer > go to the folder “music” > right click on “iTunes folder” > “properties” > now unmark “read only”.
  • Now in the administrative mode run iTunes. As an administrator first sign in to the Windows > then right click on “iTunes” icon > now tap “properties” > then select option “compatibility” > then check to run it as an administrator.
  • For iTunes users on Windows, install all the update service packs of windows that you can possibly find. The iTunes sync error may be caused due to driver incompatibility on your PC.
  • You can further use iTunes alternatives.

These are the steps that will help you to fix iTunes Syncing Errors. Still if it fails to sync and shows the error, then you can try other alternatives of iTunes such as “AnyTrans”. AnyTrans is said to be one of the best alternatives of iTunes. It enables you to transfer media files like, music, movies, TV shows, playlists, iTunes U, podcasts, voice memos, ringtones, apps, etc. and it also doesn’t erase the existing data on your iPad or iPhone.

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