Five Security Roles Technology Performs in Building Safer Homes

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According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety is one of the basic human needs. It takes more than a tastefully decorated building to have a home. A great home is one with maximum security, where we can seat comfortably and sleep at night with both eyes closed without worries of an attack or invasion. Technology has given us the opportunity towards a more convenient actualization of this need.

Michael Corkery, President of Pool Guard USA, explains that “Security is of too much importance to be left, solely, in the ha
nds of the authorities. We need to make our own little efforts by putting certain technologies in place for our safety.”

Here are five ways technology makes our homes safer.

1. Ward off Intruders – Smart Alarms

If anyone is visiting, we’d like to know who they are and be sure that their intentions are good. Unfamiliar faces showing up at our homes, with ulterior motives, are not welcome. They must be prevented from getting closer to us or the people we love.

A study carried out by the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of North Carolina reveals that 64% of burglars are frightened by the presence of alarms in a building, and seek alternative locations for their attack.

Smart alarms aren’t wired to only make sounds; they are made of an advanced interconnectivity of cameras and lights for better functionality. They have motion sensors and can detect any contacts with doors/windows.

2. Prevent Burglary – Smart Door Locks


Goodbye to the old days of manual locks and the chances of forgetting to lock the door. It’s all ‘smartened up’ now. With Bluetooth, biometric and keypad amongst others, your home is better protected.

That dreaded moment when we have some unexpected visitors on our premises especially at night. Somehow, they managed to come close, and are just right outside the door. This can be undoubtedly very scary, but with smart door locks, our fears are lessened because their chances of making it through the door are as slim as a needle.

Smart door locks are programmed to automatically detect the presence of the homeowner(s), and unlocks the door for them. This feature makes it almost impossible for intruders to gain access into the house without the permission of the homeowner(s).

3. Prevent Fire Outbreaks – Smart Smoke Detectors

There’s no such thing as a small fire. Fire outbreak of any magnitude is never a pleasant experience. The havoc it creates can lead to loss of either lives or properties and in some cases, both.

Like they say, there’s no smoke without fire. A smoke detector helps us to stay safe in the event of a fire outbreak. While the traditional smoke detector informs us of an outbreak while at home, a smart detector alerts us even when we are out of the house, as long as we have an internet connection. This is very handy especially when we have kids at home who may not be aware of the danger and have difficulties fleeing away.

4. Keep Watch From Afar – Remote Monitoring

We can’t always be around to keep an eye on our homes. And sometimes, we get a little-worried about the safety of our homes and the people we left behind in them. Technology has stepped in to ease that burden by giving us a glimpse of what’s happening at home even when we are miles away through remote monitoring.

With a viewing device in one hand and another on the other, you can get real-time feeds of what’s happening at home. Beyond keeping you abreast with the situation of things, it also gives you some sort of control as you could enable and disable security systems for safety purposes. In cases of having intruders, you can put on intrusion alerts to draw attention to your home, and inform relevant authorities to swing into action.

5. Spot Intruders – Smart Cameras

With smart cameras, there’s literally no hiding place for intruders. You can see them as they approach your premises. And if they managed to break in, they can be easily identified from recorded footages, making it easier for them to be apprehended.

Smart cameras are designed with cutting edge technology to provide relevant information and analyze images for better security in the home. They come with a real-time operating system, image sensor, processor, communication interface and cloud storage features to manage and protect data from easy destruction. As the homeowner, you can access data stored in the cloud from any location without necessarily being at home.

In ranking the greatest innovations of modern day society, technology is a strong contender. Unlike most innovations that are static in growth, technology gets better with each passing day as new designs come up, making our lives easier and more convenient. The role of technology in security cannot be overemphasized. And these benefits can be fully enjoyed in the one place we are most comfortable in – the home.

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