Everything There Is To Know About Virtual Reality App Development Cost

virtual reality app development

Virtual reality app development is considered to be the future of technology. There are so many market opportunities when it comes to VR (with the long awaited HTC Vive, Gear Virtual and Oculus Rift, as well as the old-timer Google Cardboard things will definitely look more appealing this year and in coming years).

Virtual technology is being utilized successfully in architecture, military, healthcare, and education. It seems like a great way for entrepreneurs to engage customers with their goods and services. Moreover, the virtual app development market is currently free and awaiting a mind-blowing app; this seems a fantastic opportunity for beginners as well as already established business owners to take advantage of and get their own fair share of the market.

You may be thinking how much it will cost to build a virtual application. Well, think no further, as this post will show you the main stages of product estimation or valuation so you can quickly calculate your cost to set up a virtual reality app development.

The Essentials For VR App Development

Before embarking on your virtual app development project, start each process with a detailed project documentation, this will enable the virtual app to meet up with the needs of the customers. Also, include every other relevant information about the project like key features, functional specifications, hand sketches to showcase the characteristics of the app, some photos and other ideas based on the virtual reality app development.

Virtual Development Valuation

It varies! The complexity of the app will determine the amount of time spend on development, and this can last from one month to several years. For instance, developing a virtual game with lots of running, kicking and flying, and trying to avoid barriers (like opponent, stones or meteors). This kind of game is seen as one of the easiest virtual reality apps for Android or iOS, and it can be created by a developer in just one month.

Another excellent app every business need to take advantage of is an online-shop in 3D. For instance, if a retail shop is selling sunglasses and wants to increase interaction with their customers, all they do is utilize a virtual reality on their online store for customers to look at the goods and even try them on for a better experience. Guarantee, such service will increase sales.

Such 3D models design for an online shop in virtual usually take up to one month, while development of the app takes about three months tops to complete.

Virtual Apps Development Cost

Quite a number of trusted virtual reality apps development companies offer designer services, but customers should be extremely careful when they get to this point. Designing a VR app is much more different from that of web or mobile, and precise knowledge and experience are required. If a 3D designer works with the Unity3D team daily, then he should be able to do the work perfectly. It is a good practice to being able to deliver 3D models for development to customers or better yet, use 2D models to processed and adapted for AR or VR.

Also, bug fixing and testing stage is a crucial part of every project. Not one single product can be developed without bugging, that this need to be acknowledged and fixed on time. About 30-40 % of virtual app development process is dedicated to testing. Each VR app development cost between $5000 – $100,000 – $ 300,000 and the development time is from 3 months to 2 years. This is to ensure that customers receive a more advanced app.

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