Essential Platforms for Placing Your App Analytics as a Hero

Essential Platforms for Placing Your App Analytics as a Hero

It is the dream of app developers to develop best-in-class mobile apps that is preferred by the target audience for whom it is intended. The only way to achieve this is the continuous improvement of the mobile app. There is a need to incorporate the latest trends of design for a proper app management. This is where lies the importance of app analytics. These app analytics simply provide the app marketers with useful insights on how the app is getting used and who all are using the app.

This data is not only good for the marketing and the business intelligence people, but are also quite useful for the app developers, to see the optimal effects of the mobile app.

Importance of the Mobile App Analytics

Here are some of the reasons for adopting the App Analytics and these are:

Building an Efficient Mobile Marketing Strategy

A successful mobile marketing strategy can only be formed with the marketers being clear on what are the content/ functionalities that evokes response from the customers. Only hard data can let you know about whether the mobile app that is developed fetches adequate ROI.

Driving Conversion

The app analytics are quite important to find out what exactly drives conversion through your mobile app.

Parts of the Mobile App Not Used

App analytics are capable of tracking the paths taken by the users as they navigate through your mobile app. So, data on which are the screens that the users prefer and also come back to, are valuable information for the app developers as they develop functionalities for driving user engagement.

Finding Out Whether People Actually Use Your Mobile Apps

Not many users actually use the mobile apps on a continuous basis. But, there is always a need to have your users start using the apps for the second time. This will test the mobile app for finding the reasons behind returning back to your app.

Various Platforms for Maintaining the App Health

Here are some of platforms which can be used for the app health:

  • Flurry
  • MixPanel
  • Appsee
  • Piwik


It is an absolutely free tool, widely adopted by the mobile apps. There are ten billion sessions daily, for the tool. It is capable of tracking the app behaviour across a wide range of platforms.  It has the following benefits:

  • Benchmarking mobile apps
  • Tracking Crash Analytics
  • User Journeys
  • Funnels and segments


It is an event-based tool for finding the app performance. It can be used for a better product in the forms of insights based on actions and not page views. It lets you to find out who are the users using your mobile app.


This is the most ideal tool for measuring user behavior and it is a paid tool. It has a heatmap feature for finding exact level of user interaction. It has compatibility with  both Android and iOS devices. It finds information like the users who are using the mobile app and also their interests.


An extremely beneficial tool for the app developers. You can even customize depending on the varying nature of the business needs. There are three important features of this app analytics tool such as marketing automation, smart targeting and useful insights. There is a dashboard through which both in-app and push notifications can be send.


It is not only free but an open-source tool. There is a community developed software development kit (SDK), for tracking mobile app statistics. It provides you with 100% ownership of data, protection against privacy and user-centric insights.

App Analytics encompass the entire user experience of the mobile app, from detection to download to user engagement. These tools are extremely beneficial for rendering data-driven decisions throughout the life cycle of the app. The ultimate goal is to develop an useful app experience for engaging the users, in the right manner.

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