Enjoy camping? This YUROAD is your next gear love

Enjoy camping? This YUROAD is your next gear love

People love camping, but too many stuff brings inconvenience. However, YUROAD camping lantern can revitalize your camping day with much joy and ease.

YUROAD, the multi-functional camping lantern was designed as a must-owned outdoor gear for camping lovers. It’s not just a lantern; it provides portable battery and Bluetooth speaker which bring you the advantage of phone charging and music player. These are the features make your camping more interesting.

Stretchable design and multiple features

As a new project, YUROAD first attracted me for its stunning design and features. According to YUROAD, this camping lantern works by a function called “stretchable-design.” Essentially, press this lantern to be a flashlight with 20m and 100m range. It has 4 models: strong, normal, weak, and flash which you can select as per your requirement. You can also adjust it for book reading and SOS purposes. Or, you can stretch it up to brighten up your environment.

YUROAD Stretchable Design

The fascinating part about this lantern is its portable battery and Bluetooth speaker function. The built-in 5000mAh Li-battery can power 5-6 hours of phone and iPad charging, over 10 hours of camping lantern, and over 11 hours of music player with 80% volume respectively. The portable Bluetooth speaker in this gear is compatible with most of the mobile devices. So now, you can rock your party even when you are outdoor or on beaches. It has all the functions the outdoor equipment normally requires.


The whole weight of YUROAD is equal to an iPhone6 Plus. You can easily put this in the side pocket of your backpack. You can also utilize its two hooks hanging purposes.

As an outdoor gear, YUROAD is made by IPX 4 water-resistant material that will be OK for you to carry it outside even on rainy days. Moreover, its magnetic adsorption let you put it on any steel stuff, and give you 360°brightness.

Outlook and availability

Currently, this gear comes in two colors; black & red. To support this project you can visit their Indiegogo project. The promised time for the delivery of this gear is by the November this year. You can also get in touch with the minds behind this gear to even avail an exclusive discount offer.

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