11 awesome podcasts to kill off the dreaded dead time

11 awesome podcasts to kill off the dreaded dead time

“Work smarter, not harder” is often heard advice for entrepreneurs wishing to have at least one more hour in their day.

While I longed for the same, I also noticed I did actually have a lot of so called ‘dead time’ during my day. You know, commuting from point A to point B, or just one of those desk-based tasks that you probably do on autopilot.

So what can you do to make sure you keep your brain stimulated during the day?

Podcasts are my favorite way to kill time during a commute, cleaning or any mundane task that just needs to be done no matter what.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts I listen to during dead time:  

Business productivity podcasts

  • 5AM Miracle: 5AM Miracle is my go-to productivity app, designed to make your mornings feel just a little bit better than they do at the moment. Jeff Sander is all about productivity before breakfast and he’s got all the secrets you need to stop oversleeping your mornings and actually get work done.
  • The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast: need some motivation? This might be the perfect choice for you. Ideal for those setting big online business 2017 goals, but looking to learn more about the world of making money online.
  • Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur: Chris Ducker’s all about making you know more about your business and be the best of the best. His podcasts are also mixed with life productivity tips as well as general business advice across all business niches.
  • Profit. Power. Pursuit: Narrated by the business strategist Tara Gentile, this podcast is about exactly what the title suggests – learn how to make profit out of your business, take power and make things happen with productivity.

On entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurs and Coffee: This one is all about making changes as an entrepreneur. From morning hacks to making outstanding business profit – it’s one of my favorites to listen to when I need to get inspired.
  • The Create and Thrive Podcast: We all have our creative blocks and think they’ll never pass, but the truth is, sometimes you just need a little bit of a kick to get some ideas going. I love Create and Thrive for that!
  • The Introvert Entrepreneur: If you’re not born with the extrovert ability to just talk to anyone that comes your way, entrepreneurship can be hard. Not all of us are bubbly extroverts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be entrepreneurs!

For female entrepreneurs

  • The Broad Experience: The Broad Experience is my favorite podcasts for females in the workplace. Whether you like to admit it or not, there are several struggles that come with being a woman at work and this podcast touches every single one of these struggles.
  • Let It Out with Katie Dalebout: This one is all about wellness – being an entrepreneur often means you’ll spend a lot of time alone and that can put a toll on a person’s mental health. Learn how to take care of yourself – it’s part of making your business grow.
  • The Productive Woman: Another one of my favorites, this podcast also touches on a few differences between being a male and female entrepreneur and discusses everything from productivity hacks to wellness must haves.

The best times to listen to podcasts are in the morning, during your commute or evening while you plan your next day. I hope these will help you get inspired and bring more productivity and wellness in your life as an entrepreneur.

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