Current Trends in Worldwide Mobile Technology According to Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker was listed as the 77th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. She has become a legend for publishing compilations of the most critical statistics and trends about how technology is evolving, the funding climate, smartphone adoption, technology giants and cutting-edge inventions. Here’s what she has to say about mobile technology worldwide:

Current Mobile Internet Report

1) Smartphone Market

The smartphone market has grown as it represents just about 35% mobile users. Over the years Global smartphone shipments slowed down for some mobile devices. Increase for the smartphone market has slowed down.

2) Struggle Between Mobile Devices

It has been reported that there has been an increase in just two percent point in the iOS market share, while Android has excelled rapidly.This trend is anticipated to progress, with Meeker foreseeing that there would be a huge loss for iOS shipments. This is why many Indian mobile app developers are investigating more on Android app development.

3) Low Cost (Cheaper) Devices are Taking Over the Market

The affordable prices of other smartphones in the booming markets made Meeker project that Apple’s ASP per unit will fall soon. The ASP has dropped only four percent so far. However, the company will notice a further reduction in ASP. The number of global smartphone users will slow down in the coming years. Hence, the biggest markets with lowest rate smartphone expansions will experience the greatest sales.

4) How Long Do Consumers Stay on Mobile Devices?

The current information shows that we have passed the peak anticipated by anyone. A recent release is showing the use of different digital devices that use information from the web has been created. It clearly shows the popularity of smartphone use and emerging many mobile devices like a smart watch. Individuals spend so much time on their smart devices. So, it is your responsibility to keep them engaged in the development of useful mobile apps.

5) Effect of Advertising on Mobile Products

The role of online mobile advertising can not be undermined even though the growth wasn’t so significant initially but this as changed. After some years, it rose and will continue to increase over time. Enterprises are recording rapid growth in conversions as they mobile apps with a user-friendly interface.

6) Emphasis on Messaging Apps

It’s obvious that messaging applications have come to stay and are on the increase on a daily basis. Messaging applications have become the second most important thing after food.Since 2014, app development companies have made huge strides in the messaging space.

7) Change In Social Media Interaction

With the continuous rise of bots and messaging applications, the way individuals make use of social media platforms to communicate has changed. As we advance, we will notice that most social activities will no longer take place in physical space. Rather, it will be shifted to private groups and messaging apps.

8) Increased Longing for New Apps By Users

It has been discovered that a large number of all downloaded apps are not used after the week of download. However, top instant messaging apps rock the trend. A reasonable number of people install at least one application daily.

Mobile app developers in India must consider these trends during mobile app development.

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