Content curation is a mess. This founder wants to change all of that

Content curation is a mess. This founder wants to change all of that

I tried to get into Pinterest, I really did, but I could just never figure out how to utilize it like many of my friends and colleagues, so I did what any good lifestyle and tech writer should do when confronted with a service they don’t understand – give up on it. Out of site, out of mind. I obviously understand the benefits of a curation service like Pinterest, but it wasn’t for me.

Why am I talking about Pinterest, you ask? Well, this new app from Jeff Weisbein, called Shout, is kind of like a stripped-down version of Pinterest without the focus on pictures linking you to everything. Available on both iOS and as a Google Chrome extension, the app basically functions as a curation tool that lets you quickly add links to customized lists that you, or someone you know, has created.

It’s a breeze to use, and really has almost endless possibilities for personal endeavors, hobbies, and collaborations with other creatives. Or maybe you just want to share some dank memes with your buds.

I had the chance to talk with Jeff to learn more about Shout, as well as the inspiration behind the app and how Shout can even be used for quick newsletter creation. Check it out below!

Care to introduce yourself and your role with Shout?

I’ve been creating content for as long as I can remember, having convinced my parents when I was 13 to let me use their credit card to buy a domain and web hosting. I started a technology site in 2003 called BestTechie that’s still around and operating today. I also spent time working in social media analytics and now have combined my love for digital media, content, and data to start KYA (the company behind Shout and KYA Analytics).

Cool, so in a couple of sentences, what is Shout?

Our mission with Shout is to make it incredibly easy to save, share, and curate content. One of the core features in Shout is the three types of “Lists” (Private, Public, and Collaborative), the ability Shout content with your family and/or friends to a single list, and the fact you can easily follow a curated list with content that interests you curated by a human.

Where did the idea come from? What was that “ah-ha” moment for you?

The idea for the Shout app is an iteration on one of KYA’s core features which has been this idea of a having a “Shout” button that both readers/viewers and publishers could benefit from. Originally, we designed a button you could embed on your site within your content, but we quickly found that most people didn’t want to add another button to their site. So we switched gears and decided the best way to do what we wanted (provide an easier way to save, share, and curate content for yourself and/or with friends and followers) was to build an app.

What kind of content can users curate in their Shout lists?

The possibilities in terms of use cases for Shout are limitless. For example, my mom created a private, collaborative list called “Mom Links” and Shouts content to it that she wants me to read/look at. I love tech, so I created a public “Tech News” list where I Shout tech news stories I think are interesting, cool, and important. Anyone can follow my “Tech News” list from within the app.

Here’s some ideas/examples of lists you could create either for yourself or to share with friends and followers:

For you: Food trucks I need to try OR My wish list OR Haircut inspiration

With friends/followers: Funny GIFs OR Places we need to go for brunch OR Read this! OR iPhone 8 rumors.

There’s a bit of a social aspect with Shout, thanks to Public lists, can you tell us more about those?

Yeah, so the idea behind Public lists is that they are a really easy way to follow human curated lists of content (Shouts) on your favorite topics. You can see a list of all the Public lists on the Discover page in the app.

The fact you can follow a list curated by someone who’s also into what you’re into means you find more content that is interesting to you and we’re really excited about that. I personally have had a lot of great content surfaced for me from Public lists I follow.

I remember seeing something about treating your Shout lists like a newsletter, with the ability to email out your curated lists. Can you explain that in greater detail, please?

Yes, that’s correct! You can use Shout as a way to easily curate and send an email newsletter to people. As you mentioned before, we have a Public lists feature, our email digest/email newsletter feature lets a list owner easily send an email with the latest curated Shouts on that list to the lists followers.

In order to send an email digest, simply swipe left on the list and choose the Send Digest option. I should note that to prevent spam, you can only send an email digest to your followers once every 24 hours.

Anything exciting coming to Shout? Is there an Android app in the works?

We’re continuing to work on improvements and bug fixes that have been reported. I’m fairly certain we knocked them all out now (fingers crossed). Moving forward we have some really great ideas on the roadmap including adding some more social elements. In addition to that we’re really interested in adding other login options to the app as that’s been a highly requested feature.

As for Android, we’re focused on making the iOS version the best it can possibly be at the moment. That being said, we will continue to keep track of requests for an Android version.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, did I forget anything or is there anything you’d like to add?

I’d encourage everyone to download the Shout iOS app and install the Shout Google Chrome extension. You can find links to both at Lastly, we love feedback, so please send any and all feedback, thoughts, hate mail (well, please not hate mail) to us on Twitter @shoutbutton or via email, [email protected].

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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