The Startup Challenging LinkedIn With A Yelp-Style Rating For Co-Workers

The Startup Challenging LinkedIn With A Yelp-Style Rating For Co-Workers

Anyone that remembers the release of Peeple, an app that claimed to be “Yelp for humans” and a Black Mirror episode called Nosedive will testify that using technology to review people could easily get off to a rocky start.

However, if we put down our pitchforks and flaming torches for a moment, maybe we can agree that there currenty isn’t a way of professionally reviewing employees. On LinkedIn, users who have never met will happily connect and endorse for a myriad of skills with the sole purpose of reciprocity.

When applying for a new job, it’s well understood that you need to bend the truth a little and hide any weaknesses to secure the role of your dreams. But, what value does this offer either party?

Once a new job has been secured, it doesn’t take too long until the organization’s appraisal system kicks in. Although it’s widely accepted that constructive criticism of employee performance is extremely valuable for career development, it seems to be completely absent from the hiring process.

Step forward, Completed, the platform that is aiming to be the first verified peer rate and review platform to cover all professionals in every industry.

A Completed profile aims to show the real person behind the online persona. The sites weapon is constructive feedback to identify both their strengths and weaknesses to help users improve themselves.

The reality of seeing someone working hard to turn negatives into positives could also open the door to opportunities. The idea of being labeled a 3 out 5 with all your strengths and weaknesses displayed for everyone to see is likely to be the worst nightmare for people reading this.

However, could this new platform merely be highlighting something we don’t want to admit? Completed has already secured a seed investment and officially launched its platform out of a very successful private month-long Beta, during which the company amassed 150,000 entries.

Maybe there is a market for good old fashioned honest and constructive feedback after all. When I spoke with Michael Zammuto, CEO of San Francisco-based Completed on my podcast, he advised that ‘Yelp doesn’t identify employees, and LinkedIn doesn’t identify weakness.’

The current professional review landscape is broken, and there is a clear need for a central information source and a trusted review system that provides accurate ratings for all professional in every industry. – Michael Zammuto.

A proprietary algorithm helps professionals identify areas of weakness to improve their work and provide employers an unadulterated profile of a candidate to enable them to hire with confidence.

Before you hit the panic button, Zammuto assured me that Completed has a strict anti-cyberbullying policy that prevents any harassing, threatening, embarrassing or targetted reviews. Users of the platform also have the ability to interact directly with their reviewers to resolve any feedback issues that they deem to be unfair.

On paper, the ability to move away from the fake and broken world of recruitment is an incredibly bold move. Call me old fashioned, but using constructive feedback to improve and getting back to rewarding people for adding value or working hard is no bad thing.

Whether Completed can deliver a genuine meritocratic society or creates more problems that it solves remains to be seen. But with ambitious plans to sign up 10 million profiles by mid-summer, it sounds like we better get used to the idea of rating colleagues or co-workers work performance.

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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