Cloud search as a service company, Algolia, releases their free WordPress plugin to improve search

Cloud search as a service company, Algolia, releases their free WordPress plugin to improve search

We’ve all been there. Scouring through pages and pages of search results on a blog or website looking for that one thing you saw like three weeks ago but can’t remember exactly what to search or how to find it. You think you remember enough information to use the website’s search feature to pinpoint it but, alas, you get pointed to 17 other things that have literally nothing to do with what you were originally searching for. It’s a pain, and a turnoff. This can apply to any website, but can be especially prone to happen on WordPress websites, due to the fact they power over 20% of websites worldwide.

That’s where someone like Algolia comes in. Founded in 2012, Algolia focuses on hosted cloud search as a service to offer users (and developers) a better way to search and implement search.

Algolia has just released a brand new Wordpress plugin that will allow users to have an even better and more productive search experience for those visiting your WordPress website. While the stock WordPress search technically gets the job done, it can be clunky and uses old school SQL queries which can result in slow searches; this plugin replaces that default WordPress search engine completely.


With Algolia for WordPress you’ll be getting a lot of the things that make the service great, but packaged conveniently in a plugin available for your WordPress website. There’s a lot to like here, especially considering it’s compatible with every WordPress theme and doesn’t require any coding to implement. Oh, and it’s free. Let’s talk about some of the features.

Just like the main Algolia API, the WordPress plugin features a real-time search experience. What this means is that your search will change and adapt in real time with each additional keystroke. Relevant search results come about easier thanks to things like typo tolerance and custom ranking. It also includes automatic synchronization for post types and taxonomies to make additions searchable in real time. On the backend, you have an easy-to-use dashboard and analytics that let you dive deeper into how, and why, people are using your search field.

As CEO Nicolas Dessaigne puts it, “Thanks to advances in web search, overall search engine user expectations have been rising significantly. A delightful user experience is becoming increasingly important for search engines, to reduce visitor drop-off and increase engagement,” and Algolia for WordPress accomplishes just that. If you’ve been looking for an upgrade to your search engine on your WordPress website, then Algolia for WordPress might just be for you.

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This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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