How Hosting Reviews Helps To Choose The Best Hosting?

choose the best Hosting


This era is an age of the internet, and even a small piece of information could be dispersed in a vast area/audience in short span of time and this is the biggest advantage of the internet. But sometimes, it is felt that people misuse this position and divert this to their personal benefits. Here we are talking about some websites/companies who propagates fake reviews about any product/service. It’s painful when you believe someone and put your best efforts behind, but in the end, you feel cheated.

And this happened with me. I am forced to write these words by my Hosting Service Review website. And due to the reason, I am here to help others to escape them from any further cheating. I believe on the review site to select my hosting services, but the hosting company could not reach to the commitments which were done initially.

When you do Google, you could find a lot of results there. But you will be surprised to know most of the reviews are paid, and they don’t conduct any research they just put their verdict for the company with which they had the deal. So here money decide everything and the inefficient company gets good rank or even the top. While the good performers dragged down deliberately. They don’t stop even here; they just delete the negative reviews so that the new visitors could not get to know about the reality and their client get what they want.

Here I want to make it very clear that no all the websites are like this. There are still some websites who are doing their job with honesty neither they delete the real-time reviews by the users, nor they make any false hype for any company. So while doing all the research, I got to know about and These two websites, which I found, are very precise and honest for what is expected to them. Their in-depth, analysis and reviews helped me to get the real picture of the scenario.

How Hosting Reviews helps to choose the best Hosting?

The reviews guide and help the novices to take proper decisions as per their needs and utility in the environment. In fact, Web hosting reviews assist in narrowing the field. Reading opinions written by those who had tried or used the service can help look through the clouds and able to judge what they offer.
Picking the right host is always a challenge, even for the most of the techno savvy. Web hosting services are as diversified as the sites the users have. Some are geared up towards helping businesses get off the ground and handle the traffic. While others look for private users who mainly want to host simple sites like normal blogs.

Rating Web Hosting Companies

After completion of the reviews, the rating process is necessary so that it would be easy for the readers to understand the best and the worst feasibility of the hosts. For the purpose, we look at several categories including:

  • Features & Apps
  • Setup & Usability
  • Uptime, Downtime & Speed
  • Security
  • Customer Support


First, we look at features for review; they need what all options available with each set of features. Some services/features offer several tiers under one type of hosting platform.

Setup and Usability

With configuration and usability, they take a look at how long it the process takes to install. Will it be easy to get started with a new website? How easy to transfer a domain to the new host?

Uptime, Downtime, and Speed

One of the best deciding category which actually pretty much speaks for itself. They research on what the web hosting company claims in their uptime then we compare that to tested downtime and see if it matches up. They also check the speed of uploads, downloads, and page loads. And believe us this information could save users’ time, energy and frustration.

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