Cheetah Mobile Takes Over the Mobile Ad World Through Content

Cheetah Mobile Takes Over the Mobile Ad World Through Content

Cheetah Mobile, the world’s 4th largest mobile app developer, celebrated another major milestone today: the launch of its Cheetah Ads division in the European market, at London’s Advertising Week Europe. The shift towards Europe is in addition to another major move: last month’s release of its Cheetah Open Feed content-sharing platform. The new platform will allow app publishers and original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) to embed news content feeds provided by Cheetah Mobile’s leading news aggregation app, News Republic, into their apps and mobile operating systems.

Over the past several years, content as a concept has become increasingly important, making Cheetah’s move relatively big news. The free Cheetah Open Feed content-sharing platform gives third-party developers open access to fully licensed content feeds featuring content from some of the world’s leading content providers (including the Guardian, Huffington Post, and Reuters), advanced personalization tools based on Cheetah Mobile’s cutting-edge AI technologies, and seamlessly integrated paths to monetization. Cheetah Open Feed gives OEMs another means to differentiate their mobile devices, and lets app developers create avenues for new premium traffic, new revenue, and new levels of engagement.

As pointed out earlier, given the importance of content in today’s market, having access to high-quality content is a differentiator and competitive advantage to those who take advantage of solutions like Cheetah Mobile’s. Johnny Li, Cheetah Mobile’s VP of International Business Development, calls Cheetah Open Feed “the perfect solution” for the company’s partners “to realize their monetization goals by incorporating high-quality content feeds into their products.” Li explains that Cheetah Open Feed was designed with openness in mind above all. The company wanted to provide developers with free and open access to new monetization opportunities that take advantage of Cheetah’s core strengths, such as access to high-quality, licensed content, all supported on the backend by Cheetah’s AI capabilities. It’s yet one more step in Cheetah’s gradual transition towards a more content-driven business model. They make apps, sure – but they’re also becoming more of a content business.

Cheetah Mobile CEO Sheng Fu at RISE conference in 2016.

Cheetah Mobile & The Value of Focus

Part of Cheetah Mobile success thus far has been in its focus: providing leading apps for mobile users worldwide, and connecting users with personalized content on their mobile devices. To that end, the company has had a number of app hits, including its popular mission-critical utility applications Clean Master, CM Security, and Battery Doctor, help make users’ mobile internet experience smarter, speedier, and safer. Leveraging the success of those mission-critical applications led to Cheetah’s successful mobile content-driven applications, including News Republic and

What’s interesting is that Cheetah has been able to build its success slowly but surely over the last few years, making it the most impactful company in the global digital economy you might not have known until recently. Cheetah Mobile boasts 612 million global monthly active users  as of September 2016, the most recent data available. Moreover, it’s not just a China success story: 80% of those users are located outside of its native China. Leveraging the success of its mission-critical applications, Cheetah Mobile has launched its line of content-driven mobile applications, including the aforementioned News Republic as well as

Adding Content: a Proven ROI

The first product being made available to partners via Cheetah Open Feed is Cheetah’s proprietary News Locker SDK, which gives developers the ability to embed a news feed (fully licensed, of course) into the lock screen of users’ mobile devices. News Locker takes advantage of Cheetah Mobile’s leading content-recommendation technology, leveraging their deep learning and big data-driven expertise to provide users with relevant news and information content every time they open their phone.

A recent report by Cheetah Lab, Cheetah Mobile’s mobile internet-focused research institute, shows that integrating content feeds into utility apps can increase usage.  With that in mind, Cheetah Open Feed leverages Cheetah Mobile’s AI recommendation technology and licensed content resources to increase user traffic and stickiness, increasing the number of daily active users and activating 10% of previously inactive users. I’m a sucker for mad science, including self-experimentation, so it’s nice to see that Cheetah uses itself as its own guinea pig to see how effective Cheetah Open Feed can be. For example, Clean Master, Cheetah’s own utility app, was able to increase time on its results page by 700% after adding content to it.

Initially, Cheetah Open Feed content is provided by News Republic, Cheetah Mobile’s global news aggregation app. By embedding News Republic feeds into their products, Cheetah Open Feed partners gain access to all of News Republic’s past content, including articles and videos; coverage from 2,300 media partners in 47 countries and 43 languages; and 100,000 articles, 40,000 images and 2,500 videos per day.

Cheetah Open Feed is already available to developers, with Cheetah for Publishers having recently announced to accept new publishers onto the platform.

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